Nasrallah announces the entry of "Burkan" missiles into fight

Nasrallah announces the entry of  Borkan  missiles into fight
(Photo: Al-Ghad/Jordan News)

BEIRUT – On Saturday, the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, announced the beginning of the use of 'Burkan' missiles, which weigh up to half a ton, in operations against the occupation. Below are the main points from the speech of the Secretary-General of Hezbollah:

  • The Yemeni threat compelled the Israeli enemy to shift part of its air defense from northern Palestine and its south towards Eilat.

  • The Yemeni threat has rendered the Eilat area unsafe, signifying more Israeli displacement towards Gaza border areas, intensifying pressure on the enemy.

  • Yemen has taken commendable and significant steps despite threats posed before and after their actions, including the American threats of war against them.

  • The Yemeni military intervention is accompanied by an unparalleled popular presence worldwide, expressing support for Gaza.

  • Targeting American occupation bases in Iraq and Syria stemmed from the idea of solidarity with Gaza, particularly at the start of the conflict, especially in Iraq.

  • Operations in Iraq serve the idea of liberating Iraq and Syria from the remaining American occupation bases, with the fundamental basis being solidarity with Gaza.

  • The Iraqi resistance's actions exhibit immense courage and bravery, confronting American forces who have entered their territories.

  • The valiant Iraqi resistance fighters challenged the American armed forces with fire.

  • The Americans pressurize our brothers in Iraq, as they do in Lebanon, utilizing Western, Arab, and Lebanese media to convey threats.

  • The American threat did not stop the resistance operations in Iraq, Yemen, or Lebanon.

  • If the Americans wish to halt operations in Iraq and Syria, they must cease their war on Gaza; this is the only path to stop operations.

  • Despite Syria's challenging circumstances, it shelters and supports the resistance, enduring the consequences of this stance.
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