Jerusalem court unveils new services

Sharia Court in Jerusalem
A general of Jerusalem's Sharia Court, located in the heart of Jerusalem. (Photo: Twitter)
AMMAN — The Civil Status and Passports Department will convene a meeting to unveil a package of services to be launched at the Sharia Court in Jerusalem. The announcement aims to benefit the residents of Jerusalem by alleviating their burdens. This initiative is a result of an agreement signed in 2018 between the Civil Status and Passports Department and the Jordan Post Company.اضافة اعلان

Key figures, including Sami Al-Daoud, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Jordan Post Company, Dr. Wasif Al-Bakri, Acting Chief Judge of Judges in Jerusalem, and Talal Al-Fayez, Acting Director-General of the Civil Status and Passports Department, will attend the meeting, Hala News reported.

Services to be includedThe services to be announced include the acceptance of passport issuance requests for Jerusalemites without age restrictions, marking a significant development. Moreover, Jordanian citizens married to Jerusalemite spouses, possessing a Jerusalem ID and a national number, will be able to apply for passport issuance and renewal for themselves and their children through the Sharia Court in Jerusalem.

Additionally, individuals of both genders holding a temporary passport ("West Bank") and married to a Jerusalemite spouse with a Jerusalem ID and a personal number starting with *******9000 on their temporary passport will have the exclusive opportunity to apply for passport renewal through the Sharia Court in Jerusalem. All applications will be subject to the prescribed fees and instructions provided by the Civil Status and Passports Department.

These services build upon existing provisions detailed in Appendix (1) of the 2018 agreement, which was recently ratified.

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