Israeli Cabinet considers measures to safeguard PA from collapse

3. Abbas
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. (File photo: Jordan News)
The Israeli government is set to examine measures aimed at supporting the Palestinian Authority (PA) and preventing its potential collapse, in order to avoid a power vacuum in the West Bank and the potential rise of Hamas, Israeli media reported.اضافة اعلان

As reported by Channel 13, discussions will take place on Sunday, focusing on various economic initiatives, including the establishment of an industrial zone in Tarqumiyah, located in the West Bank, and the development of a "Marine" gas field off the coast of Gaza.

The meeting on Sunday will highlight additional economic measures that could be implemented to stabilize the PA. Proposed options include staggered debt payments, extended operating hours for the King Hussein bridge crossing, and the issuance of biometric passports.

Furthermore, senior PA officials may have their VIP privileges reinstated, which were previously revoked in January due to their support for an anti-Israel resolution at the UN.

These considerations have arisen following recommendations from Israeli authorities to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, urging him to strengthen the governing body in Ramallah to prevent further deterioration in the West Bank.

Israeli authorities are concerned about the potential collapse of the PA, as it could lead to a power vacuum in the West Bank. This situation mirrors the events in Gaza, where Hamas seized power in 2007.

In June, Kan 11 revealed that the PA was contemplating declaring itself financially bankrupt due to the severe financial challenges it currently faces. If such a declaration were made, it would result in the closure of PA offices and the destabilization of the territories under its control.

The financial crisis faced by the PA stems from several factors. One significant reason is the PA's persistent commitment to providing financial support to the families of terrorists, leading to monthly deductions from the taxes collected by Israel on behalf of Ramallah.

Additionally, international aid to the PA has steadily declined over time. Consequently, the PA's control over the northern West Bank has gradually weakened. Israeli forces has identified Jenin as one such area where Palestinian groups have taken root.

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