Isreal’s reluctance for a truce is a negotiation tactic — Erekat

retired Major General Wassef Erekat
Retired Major General Wassef Erekat. (Photo: Twitter/X)
AMMAN — According to retired Major General Wassef Erekat, a Palestinian military expert, he asserted that while Hamas had reached a consensus on a ten-day truce concluding next Sunday, Israel’s apparent reluctance for a truce is a tactical move to enhance its negotiation conditions.اضافة اعلان

In an interview with Jo24, Erekat stated that the occupation is particularly eager for a truce following its military setbacks in Gaza. Despite a ground incursion and the presence of tanks in the Strip, Erekat highlighted significant losses and a pronounced moral decline, resulting in a global backlash against the occupying entity, as reported by Jo24.

Erekat warned of the dangers associated with the occupation forces remaining in Gaza, emphasizing that their presence would sustain tension, making it unacceptable to the resistance and hindering the return of settlers to secure areas, ultimately undermining Israeli interests.

He pointed out the Israeli administration's lack of direction and viable solutions, leading them to focus on truces and prisoner exchanges due to the absence of a clear strategy to address the current situation in Gaza. According to Erekat, this is indicative of a significant failure, highlighting their inability to navigate the impasse they find themselves in.

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