Israel arrested more than 5,000 Gazans since last October 7

IDF IOF Israel arrested Palestinians in West Bank
Israel arrested more than 5,000 Gazans since last October 7
Gaza - Since last October 7, Israeli occupation has arrested more than 5,000 Palestinians from the Gaza Strip, bringing the total number of prisoners inside the occupation prisons to about to 10,000, the government media office in Gaza announced.اضافة اعلان

In a statement on the anniversary of Palestinian Prisoners Day (PPD), which falls Wednesday, the office said Israeli practices are the worst forms of torture against prisoners, calling on the world to assume its moral and legal responsibilities towards their humanitarian cause.

The office added that: "We commemorate PPD on April 17 annually, while the prisoners in the Israeli occupation's prisons multiply in numbers and suffering, and live a harsh life due to their poor, inhumane living conditions in Israeli prisons, which lack the lowest meanings of humanity."

Additionally, the office noted 2024 anniversary marks the continuation of the Israeli army's genocidal war on Gaza Strip against civilians, children and women for the seventh month in a row.

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