Houthis confirm seizure of Israeli ship and crew in the Red Sea

(Photo: Twitter/X)
SANA’A – A Houthi spokesperson confirmed on Sunday evening that members of the Yemeni Armed Forces, controlled by Houthis had taken over an Israeli owned ship in the Red Sea and escorted it with its crew back to the Yemeni coast. اضافة اعلان

The spokesperson said the crew of the ship would be treated “according to the teachings and values of our Islamic religion”, according to multiple media sources. 

He added that all ships affiliated or working with Israel would be considered legitimate targets and cautioned all countries with citizens operating in the Red Sea to stay away from any work or activity with Israeli ships or ships owned by Israelis.

“The Yemeni Armed Forces affirm their continued implementation of military operations against the Israeli enemy until the aggression on the Gaza Strip stops and the ongoing heinous crimes against our Palestinian brothers in Gaza and the West Bank cease,” he said.  

“The Zionist entity is the one threatening the security and stability of the region and international passages. It is the responsibility of the international community, if it is keen on the security and stability of the region and preventing the expansion of the conflict, to stop the Israeli aggression on Gaza.”

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