Abu Obeida: Israeli forces in Al Shifa Hospital—disgrace to intl norms

The spokesman of the military wing of Hamas movement, Abu Obeida
(Photo: Twitter/X)
GAZA — According to Abu Obaida, the spokesperson for Al Qassam Brigades in a pre-recorded video on November 17, they have disabled 62 vehicles in the past four days. He mentioned the destruction of a fortified apartment used by special forces in Beit Hanoun. Additionally, Al Qassam Brigades eliminated nine Israeli soldiers, destroyed two military vehicles, and demolished a fortified enemy position.اضافة اعلان

Abu Obeida states that fighters on the ground are actively pursuing enemy forces and their vehicles from street to street, prepared for a prolonged defense.

Emphasizing Al Qassam's readiness, he highlights that each moment the occupation spends in Gaza exacerbates its losses. Abu Obaida reported persistent Israeli violations and crimes against children and civilians, noting the success of compelling occupation forces to retreat on multiple fronts.

Ridiculing Netanyahu's search in the Al Shifa Medical Complex, Abu Obeida considers the entry of enemy forces into Shifa Hospital, a disgrace to the international system. 

He characterizes Netanyahu's quest in Shifa Hospital as absurd, warning the enemy's public that news of fallen soldiers on the battlefield will reach them sooner or later. Abu Obaida informs the that the actual number of their casualties is much higher than anticipated.

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