200 Isreali companies allow their employees to protest

The protests will begin next week demanding a prisoner exchange with Palestinian factions

jerusalem protest
(File photo: Jordan News)
TEL AVIV — Approximately 200 private Israeli companies have allowed their employees to skip work next week to participate in protests demanding a prisoner exchange deal with Palestinian factions in Gaza, according to Israeli media.اضافة اعلان

The Israeli newspaper "Israel Today" mentioned that the Israeli Business Forum, comprising about 200 private companies, announced that it would permit interested employees to join protests against the government and demand a prisoner exchange deal, scheduled in Jerusalem next week, Khaberni reported.

The newspaper stated that companies "will allow employees to be absent or leave early to participate in the protests, without deducting from their entitled leaves."

Quoting leaders of the Business Forum, the newspaper mentioned that "Israel is in a state of emergency, and residents must be allowed to exercise their right to express their voice."

The Business Forum includes major private companies in Israel, which employ most of the workforce in the private sector, according to the same newspaper.

Massive demonstrations were launched in Tel Aviv on Saturday evening, attended by tens of thousands of settlers, to pressure the Netanyahu government to conclude a prisoner exchange deal with Hamas and hold early elections.

During the protest, settlers restricted themselves, demanding a prisoner exchange deal with the Palestinian resistance, according to Israeli media reports.

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