What is the Red Motorcade and why is it important?

More scenes from the Red Motorcade
(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The Red Motorcade has deeply embedded roots, beginning with the country’s founder, His Majesty King Abdullah I who would arrive at significant national events atop one of a procession of white horses, accompanied by riders dressed in dark blue trousers and red blazers. اضافة اعلان

Today, the Red Motorcade is used on occasions of national importance, including the opening of Parliament, Army Day, Independence Day, and during official visits of heads of state.

On these occasions, motorcade members and riders don full Jordanian military regalia and the national red and white checkered headdress, known in Arabic as the Shemagh.

The Motorcade consists of eight bright red armed land rover vehicles and 11 motorcycles, but on special occasions, horse, and camel riders join the lineup and the Jordan Armed Forces Musical Band plays military music on bagpipes.

The Land Rovers and motorcycles cordon the main motorcade vehicle. 

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