All about Al-Husseiniya Palace

Al-Husseiniya Palace. (Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The Red Motorcade’s last destination is at Al-Husseiniya palace. The bride and groom will arrive to the palace after traveling in a 1984 Range Rover. اضافة اعلان

Built in 2006, Al-Husseiniya Palace, derives its name from adjacent King Hussein bin Talal Mosque. 

The Palace compound is home to the offices of Their Majesties. Al-Husseiniya Palace combines traditional Islamic architecture elements with a simple and elegant design, with multiple archways and traditional motifs etched into its walls and doors. 

Welcoming ceremonies for prominent guests are held at the Palace’s courtyard and was the backdrop for HRH Princess Iman’s Henna party earlier this year. 

Cabinet ministers are sworn in before His Majesty at the Palace, which is also where members of the Independent Election Commission and the Jordanian Judicial Council take their oaths before His Majesty. 

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