Inventor registers his 57th patent

Yasser Al-Khattab (Photo: Yasser Al-Khattab’s Facebook page)
AMMAN — Local Jordanian inventor Yasser Al-Khattab has registered 57 patents so far — and he’s not planning on stopping any time soon.

“I am a firm believer that when you set your mind on something, nothing in the world can stop you,” said Khattab in an interview with Jordan News. “Not money or anything else can stand in your way.”اضافة اعلان

Khattab seeks to hunt down a solution to every problem using his own ideas and simple, easy-to-use techniques. Many of his inventions use nanotechnology to produce fire-resistant materials. Using an environmentally friendly aqueous substance, that also utilizes nanotechnology, he created Smart Penetration Fire (SPFR), a transparent substance that prevents fire or combustion. This substance also prevents flames from igniting again after they are doused. This substance can be used on many surfaces such as sponge, curtains, fabric, rugs, plastic, and other highly flammable materials.

Khattab also developed a procedure for producing “nonflammable paints”. The concept behind this “paint” lies in producing a layer of foam as soon as it senses extreme heat caused by fire. This layer of foam protects all the other layers from combustion. This substance takes two forms, liquid and gel. The gel form of this substance was made to be used on more than just inanimate surfaces, as it could also protect human skin from serious burn injuries. These substances not only prevent fire from catching but can also stop fire from spreading. They represent a possible precautionary measure to use for homes, drugstores, insurance companies, and other places.

These inventions are yet to be manufactured and distributed. According to Khattab, the manufacturing process will likely begin after the holy month of Ramadan.

Khattab also shared an explanation of another of his latest inventions with Jordan News, “the heat insulator”. This is a heat-resistant paint used on the outer surface of the house or building. It maintains a cool temperature inside of the building where it is applied on hot days. Using this paint can maintain a temperature of 25°C on the inside. This invention could be particularly useful in the Gulf States where temperatures rise to reach 60°C.

Khattab’s nanotechnology-based techniques are also environmentally friendly. By adding 50ml of Nano additives to the car oil, it prevents exhaust fumes by converting the CO2 into water vapor. It also prevents the engine from encountering any excessive heat. This technology is environmentally friendly, and can save you a lot of time; as your car can drive up to 100,000kg before the need of oil change. It also saves money, as it maintains a high compression in the vehicle therefore reduces malfunctions in the vehicle.

In his early years, Khattab had nothing but ideas he wished to bring to life. He slowly raised enough money to make his dreams a reality, and received moral support from an anchor and friend, Issam Al Omari, who hosted him a number of times on his shows and spread the word on his inventions.

His passion for inventing fuels the creativity behind his ideas. “Inventing is like a sport to me,” he said. “Whenever my mind thinks of a logical idea, I pursue it until I make it a reality.”