Playtime in Amman: where to go with your little ones

Playtime in Amman where to go with your little ones 28
(Photos: Marwa Ismael, Jordan News)
“Playing is not just a way for kids to have fun. It is a fundamental part of their growth and development. When children engage in play they are actively learning and exploring the world around them,” Marayan Abu Zaid, educational content creator and Montessori certificate holder told Jordan News. She continued, while playing is definitely an enjoyable activity, it is also a powerful tool for learning and development”. Marayan Abu Zaid Educational content creator and Montessori certificate holder told Jordan News.اضافة اعلان

However, playtime in a city like Amman often feels like a rarity. With bustling streets, limited play areas, and a shortage of playgrounds, finding places for children and their parents to enjoy leisure time can be challenging.

Fortunately, a solution to this problem has been implemented by Rola Saimeh, who had the brilliant idea to launch an Instagram page called "Kids in Amman." On this platform, she shares recommendations and feedback about kid-friendly places to visit in Jordan.

This initiative started when Saimeh began posting pictures on her personal page, piquing the interest of her followers who began seeking her advice on family-friendly outings. Recognizing the need for a centralized resource, she decided to create a reference point for all Jordanian mothers in search of suitable places to take their kids. "Kids in Amman" has since become a valuable resource, offering inspiration and guidance for family outings.

As a mom myself, finding the right balance between indoor and outdoor play can be so challenging. We all want safe and exciting places that fulfill their desires. Let us embark on a journey to uncover extraordinary destinations that offer a blend of indoor and outdoor activities, guaranteeing a delightful and memorable experience for our little adventurers.

Sand CityAs one of the most loved activities for kids and all mommies approved is playing with sand due to the impact of playing with sand for the kids' fine motor development and encouraging creativity and imagination, “Sand City” is the place. “The happiness that I see in children when they play with sand is unbelievable, and the energy in kids when they do multiple activities that we have, especially in the physical challenges,” owner Maram Abuqoush told Jordan News.

MoonbirdIf your child is a space enthusiast and loves everything related to space, "Moonbird" is the perfect place for them to immerse themselves in the full experience. It is an incredible opportunity for your child.

Mama Seema StudioEnas Yousef, a mom of two, shared with Jordan News that her girls have a love for slime. So, they decided to visit "Mama Seema Studio" to make their own slime and have a great time playing with it. It’s a fantastic place for slime lovers to unleash their creativity and enjoy the squishy fun. Creating memories and having a blast with the DIY slime adventure.

Forest ParkThen, there is Forest Park, a great place for those little adventurers to truly roam. With dinosaur figures for your little ones to explore, horse riding for some exciting rides, and even a zip line for thrilling adventures. It is the perfect destination for families who want both nature and excitement.

Children’s Museum
And of course, there are the classic go-to spots like Children's Museum, where play and learning come together. They offer interactive exhibits and programs that help children develop their social, mental, and motor skills. With a wide range of activities and monthly programs focused on science, art, innovation, and literature, there’s always something exciting happening at the museum. It’s suitable for children aged 1-12, and they even have special open days on the first Saturday of every month, where entrance is free for everyone.

From a mom to another mom, ultimately, what truly matters for a child’s emotional well-being, as research suggests, is the presence of parents and uninterrupted interaction. Children are wonderfully uncomplicated beings, and even the simplest moments can have a profound impact on them. So, making time to be fully present with your child, without any distraction, can create lasting memories and nurture their psyche in a deeply meaningful way. Remember, it is the small, heartfelt interactions that can make the biggest difference in their lives.

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