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First game of Jordan’s American football league ends in Spartan win

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The Spartans and the Barracudas face off in the opening of the Jordanian American Football league on Friday. (Photo: Yaman Al-Helo/JNews)
AMMAN — The Spartans beat the Barracudas 20-12 in the opening game of Jordanian American Football league on Friday night.اضافة اعلان

On Friday night at the Amman Baccalaureate field the two teams displayed a great performance keeping the crowd entertained, and excited.

The competition will be held every Friday through December 3 and will include three teams: the Barracudas, Spartans, and Eagles.

While talking to Hussam Yaseen, the Jordanian League of American Football commissioner about their progress, he said: “The level of the players looks great this season, the players are looking very sharp, we are happy to be back into this great atmosphere with the fans, I can feel that the players really understand the game more now.”

The Spartan’s Ibrahim Kilany said that this was his second season playing the sport, but he can “already see improvement from the heavy work we put in with our coaches all week.”

“Last season, I was playing in a different position than the one I am playing in now, I have prepared a lot physically for this position,” he added.

“People have the general idea that this sport is only about strength, but it’s actually very technical, even on a simple scale like pushing a bigger player can depend on a certain technique as well.”

Yaseen said that not having a federation has been an obstacle “when it comes to the process of legitimizing the work and effort that we do, but the sport is not an Olympic sport and for that reason we can’t have a federation according to the Jordan Olympic Committee rules, and for that reason we want to keep pushing and soon hopefully we’ll fill up the stadium.”

However, not having a federation has not stopped the league from forming a team that represents Jordan. At the end of each season, the best players are chosen to play one international game against other countries.

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