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Jordan’s cycling championship finishes up second round

4 cycling
(Photo: Handout from the Jordan Olympic Committee)
AMMAN —The second stage of the Kingdom’s cycling championship concluded on Friday. It kicked off at Israa University gate and lasted 60km for adults and 30km for juniors. اضافة اعلان

The results were as the following: 

Promising clubs: 
1. Wessam Suliman, time 34.07min
2. Yousef Al-Gharbi, time 35.00min
3 .Ahmad Shabban, time 35.30min

1. Khaled Al-Badrey, time 58.20min
2. Ayham Bareh, time 58.30min
3.Ahmad Al-Mareekh, time 1.09.00hr

Youth clubs:
1. Abdelrahman Al-Mareekh, time 2.26.50hr
2. Yazeed Al-Fanattseh, time 2.26.55hr
3. Ammer Khanazreh, time 2.28.20hr

Men’s clubs: 
1. Ellias Mohammed Nawarah, time 1.52.45hr
2. Hassan Ali Murad, time 1.53.00hr
3. Mohammad Mahmoud Maiyas, time 1.56.40hr

1. Tasneem Abdelkhaleq, time 31.20min
2. Ayat Loaai, time 31.45min
3. Sadeel Abu Mahmoud, time 31.50min

Promising female amateurs: 
1. Sema Abdelkhaleq, time 31.15min
2. Hiba Maan Abdelhafez, time 35.15min

Promising males amateurs: 
1. Abdelrahman Al-Khasawneh, time 31.00min
2. Hassan Al-Maleh, time 31.20min 
3. Raad Abdeljaber, time 35.00min

Amateur men: 
1. Rasslan Al-Abbadi, time 1.49.10hr
2. Ismael Hamood, time 1.49.20hr
3. Matthew Kanash, time 1.49.23hr

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