Barracudas set to face Spartans in final game of Jordan Bowl 2021

(Photo: Jordanian League of American Football)
AMMAN — On Friday, the Jordanian League of American Football’s final game will take place between the two oldest Football clubs in Jordan, the Amman Barracudas and the Amman Spartans. اضافة اعلان

Barracudas are the most awarded club in Jordan, reaching the final four times since the league began back in 2015. The Barracudas depend largely on their colossal-sized offensive line, which has a high ability to block and run play. Their defense is also good when it comes to outside runs and trick plays.

The Spartans, who are considered the best team of this season thus far, are confident of their talent and team to be able to compete and win their first-ever Jordan Bowl title, their dynamic offense and their experienced quarterback pose a considerable threat to any defense.

The game is expected to be low-scoring with back-and-forth ball possession from both teams, as it’s a very sensitive game with a lot on the line for both teams.

Hussam Yaseen, the Jordanian League of American Football commissioner, told Jordan News: “Since we started back in 2015, I genuinely think this our best season so far, the number of new talents that we discovered, and the level of players is on another level this season.”

“We used to get attention from international media more, but the fact that people inside the country are interested enough to show up every Friday to support is great,” he added.

The game will take place on December 3 at Amman Baccalaureate field at 4:00PM.

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