Today's Horoscopes

(Graphic: Jordan News)
ARIES: Don't limit the results you get because you take on too much. Channel your energy where it counts and will bring the highest return. Change begins with you, and your success depends on finishing what you start. Romance is on the rise. اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Spend more time gathering information and studying the possibilities and less time on what others are doing. Be a leader, not a follower, and you will avoid getting involved in something that isn't good for your ego or your health.

GEMINI: Spend time fixing up your space and putting things in order. Don't let outside influences override what you know in your heart is best for you. Gauge your success by the happiness you achieve. Self-respect and love begin with you.

CANCER: Explore the possibilities, associate with like-minded people and see what you can achieve. Your happiness is in your hands; choose the path that makes you feel good about who you are and what you do to make the world a better place.

LEO: Do your best to make a difference. Make suggestions and offer your services, but don't make donations because someone makes you feel guilty. Your time and effort are as valuable as providing the cash. Do what feels right and works for you.

VIRGO: Discuss matters of concern openly and honestly. Taking charge will help you bring about positive change and gain respect from your peers. A professional incident will strike an emotional chord that will help you find alternative opportunities.

LIBRA: A disciplined approach to whatever you do will help you reach your goal. Take good care of your health and physical well-being. Staying in shape and avoiding situations that pose health risks or injuries are encouraged.

SCORPIO: You've got all the right moves and mental capability to bring about positive lifestyle changes. Stop dreaming about what you want; begin the process that will lead to better days ahead. Expand your mind, plans and destiny.

SAGITTARIUS: Emotionally manipulative situations will be costly. Distance yourself from people who try to take advantage of you or who are misleading. Look inward and consider what will make you happy. Love who you are, and live life your way.

CAPRICORN: An unexpected change will take you by surprise and encourage financial gain. An investment, major move or upping your earning potential looks promising. Pay attention to detail; focus on what you can do to get ahead. Negotiate on your behalf.

AQUARIUS: Do your best to get along with others. Look for common ground, and you will overcome setbacks. Put your skills to the test, and implement adjustments if you aren't up to speed with what's trending. Romance will enhance your love life.

PISCES: Embrace opportunities. Engage in the process of bringing about positive change. Home improvements, discussions with loved ones and plans that entail social events or doing things you enjoy with people you love will brighten your day. Avoid physical risks.

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