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ARIES: Try not to overthink a family issue. This may not be the time for sudden changes or adjustments that are not thoroughly considered. You may need to take a step back and breathe — disputes and tension should subside eventually.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: It is heartwarming to be popular and sought after, but you may find you have become too busy to socialize. You might have a project or job that will monopolize all your time and keep you tethered to a tight schedule.

GEMINI: If you’re feeling a little on the pessimistic side, you might seek to balance things out with some optimism from a loved one. Making major purchases that could put you in debt may not be the best idea. Research options before deciding.

CANCER: You may be more sensitive and emotional, but losing your temper could cause some setbacks. You might struggle to remain rational when faced with conflict and contradictions. Take a step back and look at things with a calmer head to find a peaceful solution.

LEO: You may have your career and business on your mind; trust your instincts. If single, you might feel pressure to take your romantic relationship to the next level before you are truly ready. If you need to, take a step back to reevaluate.

VIRGO: You may have numerous duties and must wear a lot of hats that require you to work smarter and you might be limited on time for lighthearted chit chats. There is no need to feel guilty about rewarding yourself with a few treats.

LIBRA: You may need to work to be a people pleaser right now as everything may seem to come back to other people and their needs. An ordinary meeting could unexpectedly turn into a cheerful social event.

SCORPIO: If you receive an ultimatum or complaint from someone, learn the lesson. Show them what you are made of and trust you can handle anything that life throws at you. You can score points by being accurate and knowledgeable.

SAGITTARIUS: You’re enthusiastic but you can also be discreet when needed. You may be admired because you throw your whole heart into every project. Even if there’s something going one in your home life, you cannot let it dull your shine.

CAPRICORN: You may have someone in your life that has difficulties you are not fully equipped to deal with. You might seek to find a common ground or shared interest to offset a tendency for competitiveness.

AQUARIUS: You may not be able to squeeze someone into your schedule, but that may end up being a positive. You can pick a time and place that works out for everyone. You might want to hold off on important decisions or crucial agreements until things are moving a little slower.

PISCES: A partner or coworker may have information you need to come up with an ingenious solution to a problem. Follow the facts. You might have a family member inadvertently place you in an awkward position about a purchase.

IF MARCH 1 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Cash in on your charm and ability to impress people with your skills and talents during the next five to six weeks. Not only are people likely to respect your judgment and opinions, but you might also even land the job of your dreams or be considered for a leadership position. Consider embracing an exciting opportunity but seek out good advice and do plenty of homework since you may be quite a bit more gullible than usual. You may become welcomed into a larger group of friends or enjoy more social activities in May. At least one of your new contacts could become quite useful to know. Because you dream big and have wise insights into moneymaking techniques, you should be able to build a strong foundation for your financial security in late June.

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