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ARIES: Curate your contact list. Who you know might make a bigger difference to your success than what you know. Someone might work harder or do better just to earn your high esteem in the upcoming week.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Social get-togethers may revolve a businesslike purpose in the week ahead, so your love life may need to wait. Join forces with others to brainstorm a solution or find creative ways to make things efficient.

GEMINI: Think before you spend. You might need to stretch dollars further to pay bills in the week to come. Your ability to stay within the budget and handle obligations will improve if you keep long-term goals in mind.

CANCER: Remain respectful of other people’s knowledge and experience. Conflicts may occur if you are too eager to air your opinions or jump into action. Be more thoughtful and there will be no need for a confrontation.

LEO: Listen to trustworthy advice from someone who has real experience and a deep understanding. You may be able to move forward now but possibly could encounter unexpected obstacles late in the week.

VIRGO: You should be able to achieve some near-term goals in the week ahead if you discipline yourself and focus on the important details. You’ll be able to produce better results through your own efforts rather than relying on other people.

LIBRA: Be kind and friendly, but don’t be afraid to set a boundary or say “no” if you can’t help out. Some people might expect you to do favors, donate your time, or offer free samples at your own expense in the week ahead.

SCORPIO: Cross the finish line by being practical as well as clever. A loved one or partner might act as a mirror that shows both the flaws and the genius of your ideas. You should be able to handle any possible problems in the upcoming week.

SAGITTARIUS: Enjoy, but don’t let compliments go to your head. Just because you are having a great time doesn’t mean you can take someone for granted. Concentrate on upholding commitments to loved ones this week.

CAPRICORN: Complicated problems probably have a simple solution. Take advantage of flashes of insight as the week begins. You may be able to experiment or take advantage of interesting business trends in the upcoming week.

AQUARIUS: Set an excellent example by displaying a “can do” attitude. Discuss family issues today while the facts are clear. In the week ahead, use friendly give-and-take to break down barriers and build team spirit.

PISCES: Accept what can’t be changed, at least for now. Focus on being sympathetic toward others and honoring their decisions. By the end of the week, you could be able to begin a new project successfully or fulfill your promises.

IF JAN. 29 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Creativity, daydreams and imagination could fill your mind throughout the next four to eight weeks. Unfortunately, you might not find it as easy to concentrate on any unpleasant realities and could be led astray by your own wishful thinking. Make hay while the sun shines in May on romantic outings, vacations and inspiring ideas. Expect opportunities to improve your circumstances, or the fulfillment of a wish to arrive in later June, when you might be feeling somewhat unmotivated, but you should also be lucky. July is when your business sense is at its best, so be sure to make key financial and career decisions and changes while you have insights on your side. You might receive a chance to reap the material rewards you richly deserve through skilled maneuvering.

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