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ARIES: Be wary of believing your own PR team. Pay it forward just because that’s what’s right. Working behind the scenes is where the satisfaction’s really at — don’t worry so much about the photo ops.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: There are those who will only ever learn through their mistakes. You could be accustomed to having a partner or loved one take care of some key details but you should be prepared to take control if they can’t.

GEMINI: Keep the competition friendly and constructive. You can be businesslike and professional without being adversarial. A partner may need some encouragement but should eventually be enthusiastic about a clever plan.

CANCER: Toe the line that is clearly drawn between black and white. What you see isn’t necessarily what you will get if you ignore guidelines. Steer clear of gray areas and avoid taking on additional responsibilities now.

LEO: Someone with a “zero sum” attitude could block your ambitions. Earn substantial rewards by focusing on spreading good vibes despite opposition. Clarify the details before you make a crucial decision.

VIRGO: Hang on to what you have and wait out a passing fascination with something new. Someone’s glamorous style might briefly tweak your interest, but in your heart, you likely value permanent ties and devotion more.

LIBRA: There is a time for every purpose under heaven. Recharge your batteries with exercise and constructive activities. Instead of just wishing for things you don’t have, count your blessings, then make a strategic plan.

SCORPIO: Don’t let seemingly critical feedback or advice undermine your confidence. Learn what you can and let go of the rest. We don’t always get outer validation; be sure you are giving it to yourself. Don’t lose sight of the big picture.

SAGITTARIUS: Follow the leader. The feasibility of a project may be in direct proportion to how much effort you are willing to devote to it. Let someone demonstrate how to create something new and follow in their footsteps.

CAPRICORN: Be honest with yourself. Make sure that you aren’t filtering out negatives and only hearing what you want to hear. Get more accurate answers by picking up the phone and chatting with a reliable, trustworthy friend.

AQUARIUS: Stick to what you know works. You expect a great deal of yourself and others but might not receive everything you hope for yet. Your hard work and diligence can eventually pay off if you remain patient.

PISCES: A small disappointment might briefly bring you down. Something you want to purchase might not meet your high standards. Do not sign agreements or contracts because all the facts might not be readily available.

IF JAN. 16 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: During the upcoming five to six weeks, you may waste resources or time with someone who turns out to be just a fair-weather friend. You might be too trusting and tend to believe anything you hear. Rein in your fantasies and avoid chasing rainbows. Your social life could be more active in March so you can widen your social network. The first half of April, when your business acumen is at a high point, is a good time to buckle down to hard work, wise investing and making astute business decisions. In late April and May, you will be ready to relax and reap your rewards and are able to absorb new knowledge easily so you can improve your life. You can use any opportunities that come along to turn to your advantage, especially in late May when your practical business sense is enhanced.

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