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ARIES: Accept that there are limits to most situations. Your enthusiasm for fun-filled social interactions could make you less discriminating about your choice of companions. Enjoy working and playing with others.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Let your warmth and passion show in private settings, but you may find it expedient to be discreet in group gatherings. A nice sprinkling of diplomacy and thoughtful gestures could prevent a misunderstanding.

GEMINI: A review of the facts could improve confidence. Don’t give up yet if you are entangled in an emotionally draining situation. Shore up your strength in case someone toys with your emotions or tries to play on your sympathies.

CANCER: Don’t try to make up lost time by hurrying through your tasks. Be aware that people under pressure may be grouchy when disturbed. You and a loved one should be able to see your hard work reflected in security and success.

LEO: The trip uphill takes more effort than the journey downhill. Once the worst is over, you can let go of some concerns. Your commitment to a project or a job might not seem to be fully appreciated by a partner or loved one.

VIRGO: Work out with a partner to blow off excess steam. Physical exercise can clear your head, alleviate frustrations and help you sleep better. Self-care is the way you actually walk your talk about loving yourself.

LIBRA: You or your favorite romantic playmate may be feeling adventurous and considering taking a detour, but don’t break any commitments you’ve made. Actively participate in a sport where a loved one can work off competitive urges.

SCORPIO: Count to 10 before you react with angry words. You may want to control certain situations, but you won’t be able to micromanage every single detail. Focus on displaying your warmth affection for loved ones.

SAGITTARIUS: Tense situations can improve with empathy. Recognize someone’s defensiveness as simple anxiety. Put your own energy to good use by following through on domestic chores. Take someone along on errands.

CAPRICORN: This is a good day to be well organized. A complicated schedule might require applying some logistics to make it run more smoothly and efficiently. Keep your savings account closed for business this weekend.

Get out ahead of it. Look for instances when a small amount of effort will prevent extra work and future irritations. You will have fewer problems if you learn to delegate authority and share the responsibilities.

PISCES: You may yearn for peace and harmony and could prefer to avoid noisy crowds, disruptive situations or abrasive family members. Learn from the past and work in the present to live your best life in the future.

IF NOV. 11 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Keep your nose to the grindstone for the next week or two and abide by the rules. Your lucky stars may be hidden behind some clouds and cosmic conditions are too undependable to take a chance on a new venture or financial obligation. Plan a vacation or launch new creative projects in December when you might enjoy private reverie or inspiring experiences. If a new romantic prospect appears on the horizon, be sure to ask trusted friends for their opinion because you’re more likely than usual to fall for someone based on wishful thinking. Late January, when your perceptiveness is at a peak, is the best time to address financial affairs and to put together strategic business plans. Next March, you may be given a chance to reap some of the benefits you deserve for all your hard work. You could receive a new job offer or a golden opportunity that may not seem important but could bring you added security and abundance.

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