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Today's Horoscopes

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ARIES: You may be challenged to keep your money in your pocket; your generous nature might make you want to share. It’s definitely wiser to rely on your paycheck for income than to gamble money you shouldn’t lose. Remain patient.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You may be attracted to someone or something that appears intensely mysterious. You may also feel a compelling chemistry that draws you closer to a loved one. Focus on spending time expressing your affections.

GEMINI: The journey may be more interesting than the destination. You may enjoy spending time with friends on a shopping expedition or a community gathering. Invite someone over to help with a household project.

CANCER: Come out of your shell. Open your heart and discuss issues with friends that have left you confused or apprehensive. Show others that you are kindhearted but can take charge of a situation when it is necessary.

LEO: Achieving your dreams might dominate your inner thoughts. You may be filled with confidence if you focus on your ideals and vision of a better future. Friends could encourage you to try competitive sports or events.

VIRGO: Reality may be looming and you may be ready to abandon a dream that has little likelihood of attainment. Your best bet is to discuss achievable goals with a loved one and firmly anchor them to facts.

LIBRA: You may feel wiped out if you do too much, but you might be disappointed if you don’t do enough. If you are single and still looking for a romantic partner, it could be easier than usual to meet someone new.

SCORPIO: You may keep your finger on the pulse of the latest trends but deep down you likely enjoy old-school stuff too. Family gatherings might give you a chance to make new friends or discuss your favorite Interests.

SAGITTARIUS: Your home and family may change but the basic foundation is cohesive and endures. A loved one or partner could be enthusiastic about a new subject or keen to attend a local social event to meet up with friends.

CAPRICORN: Love can find you when you are receptive to it. Show a special someone just how much you care by planning an intimate dinner or organizing a special treat. Your most attractive qualities are enhanced.

AQUARIUS: Keep your ears open because the latest intel may hold some golden nuggets of information. You should shine at group gatherings or events. Spend time with people you love and spend money on things you enjoy.

PISCES: You are only as young as you feel. No matter your age, you can make the most of the weekend by spending your time doing new things that open and engage your mind. Keep a lid on unnecessary expenses.

IF OCT. 1 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You may be upbeat and optimistic during the upcoming two to three weeks since you are likely to be more popular than usual. Your personal charisma and aura of trustworthiness is supercharged, making it a prime time to seek a new job or deal with the public. Embrace any opportunities that come your way in the first half of November as they can help you realize your long-term ambitions. That is an excellent time to ask for favors or advice and a time when your good judgment is enhanced. Your business sense is probably better than usual in December, just in time to implement end-of-the-year tax strategies. January is a busy month when new friends could brighten your life. Your overconfidence, however, could prevent you from exercising caution and get you entangled in a relationship or agreement that could become complicated.

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