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Today's Horoscopes

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ARIES: Make an effort to be charming and relatable. Don’t let a conversation trigger a tendency to be overly competitive or you could rub someone the wrong way. Prove you can be trusted to keep a promise or a secret.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Speak from the heart. Expressing your feelings will help the other significant people in your life understand you better. You may be too quick to spend money or in too much of a hurry and break something today.

GEMINI: Find a helpful outlet for any pent-up energy. Get through a tough workout or find needed tasks to complete rather than giving yourself a chance to get bored. Your impulse purchases could be a source of fun.

CANCER: Set aside fears that someone isn’t on board, the facts should tell you otherwise. Don’t be concerned about walking on eggshells now, a loved one or partner should understand that your intentions are good.

LEO: You may not have time to rest on your past accomplishments. Take praise with a grain of salt because even with your best efforts, there may still be more to do. Choose a sustainable pace and don’t doing anything impulsively.

VIRGO: Keeping an open mind and remaining receptive to new ideas and suggestions is the only way to adapt to changing situations. Your romantic partner may be more romantic, understanding and affectionate than usual.

LIBRA: Travel an extra mile or two to make someone happy and you might receive the greatest rewards. By working hand in hand with a trusted partner or loved one you can make something more exciting and enriching.

SCORPIO: When it comes to integrity, don’t be content to do the bare minimum. Instead strive to excel and give more than expected. Concentrate on maintaining peace and harmony with others and buy only the best-rated products.

SAGITTARIUS: Your talents and skills may shine brightly so there is no need to embellish your accomplishments. A minor change in your regular routines could go a long way toward solving a small but irritating problem.

CAPRICORN: You can relax by surrounding yourself with loving family members and an affectionate romantic partner. Settle back and chill. You are likely to be respected, so you may be asked to provide advice.

AQUARIUS: Take a bow when you receive applause and then get back to work. You can set a good example of how to avoid frustrations. Although an open door may be in plain sight, some people continue to knock on the wall.

PISCES: Understanding and compassion is on the menu. An act of charity might warm the heart of a person who needs the boost in morale. Listen with your heart because beneath a hard shell, there could be genuine concern.

IF AUG. 24 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: During the upcoming four to five weeks. your business acumen is enhanced so you can develop and utilize smart strategies to help you make more money or upgrade your career prospects. You can benefit from someone’s generosity or ask for favors and support in the first half of October. Although you could be more romantic at heart in late October, you can also be more competitive into early November. Even if your dreams are not realized, be patient and keep your temper in check. The balance of November is not a good time to go forward with any important plans. Early December is a time when you may be inspired by the world around you and can let your imagination run free. Take a vacation or work on a creative project. Late December may bring you the opportunities and rewards you deserve.

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