Suggestion for how to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Jordan

(Photo: Shutterstock/ Jordan News)
On February 14, people around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day, expressing their love for others. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, some exchange gifts others plan for the perfect date to surprise their beloved ones.اضافة اعلان

Jordan, like many other countries in the Arab world, does not have well-known traditions and ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day; some Jordanians do not even recognize it, criticize it, or see it as a Western celebration that contrasts with their conservative culture. Still, the vibes of this day are becoming more noticeable and acceptable as many see it as an opportunity to celebrate love, marriage, and friendship.

Hence, these are some date ideas for those who wish to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their loved ones.

• A trip to Jordan’s remarkable attractions

The Kingdom has many extraordinary sites that attract locals and tourists, and encourage them to discover the country. Petra is one of the most remarkable attractions and one of the most spectacular UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Another attraction is Wadi Rum, known for its golden sand, its starry nights and its desert camps where you can spend the night. The Dead Sea is another spectacular place no one should miss. This lowest point on earth could be the perfect place to witness an astonishing sunset.

Taking trips across Jordan with partners and children gives people the opportunity to spend quality time together while exploring new places, and learning more about themselves and their beloved ones.

• Going on a hiking date

Jordan is a diverse country known for its touristic attractions. Aside from the Dead Sea, Wadi Rum, and Petra, there are various other areas to discover.

The country is known for its hiking trails, which are many: Wadi Ghuwei Trail, near Shobak, Maan and Sheq Al Reesh Trail, near Tafileh, Wadi Al-Rayan, a beautiful valley about one hour north of Amman where you will be surrounded by olive trees, Ajloun Forest Reserve, with carob, pine, evergreen oak, wild strawberry and wild pistachio trees.

Hiking is a perfect option for a Valentine’s Day spent as a couple or as a family. Hiking promotes communication that could be limited at a dinner date, provides one with the opportunity to be adventurous with close people, and allows one to experience conversations that have a deeper meaning, to create an effective bond. It also eliminates the distractions that are more visible on dinner dates, such as smartphones, and makes one enjoy the moment.

Hiking is an activity you should consider, especially if you love the nature of the country.

• Make it a kitchen date with Jordanian food

Some people get stressed while planning their Valentine’s Day date, when choosing the restaurant they want to have dinner at or the activity they want to do with their loved ones. Also, the COVID-19 pandemic put an extra burden on people who are trying to make a memorable date, as they fear getting infected or losing someone dear due to the pandemic. Therefore, staying at home would be the perfect option for them. Yet, staying at home does not mean getting bored as they can do plenty of things to express their love.

Cooking traditional food with your spouse, children or friends is a good way of spending this special day at home; it can strengthen your bond, it gives you the chance to have fun while exploring new activities, and builds cooperation. Also, due to COVID-19, the financial situation of some Jordanians has worsened, so cooking at home will help you do something special at a lower cost.

You could cook one of the most famous appetizers, such as moutabal and Arabic salad, for the main dish, you might wish to go for manakish and kofta, and you could finish with well-known desserts, such as hareeseh or kunafeh, and a cup of Jordanian coffee.

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