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Irteqaa notepad, or how to become a better person

The notepad deals with the health aspect, human health goals, breathing, and relaxation exercises, and others. (Photo: Handout from Walaa Mutair)
Interested in development, planning, and business, Walaa Mutair embarked on creating interactive books for adults and children, with the aim of “helping people organize and plan their life, develop new habits, and follow them to improve the overall quality of their lives”. اضافة اعلان

Walaa Mutair.(Photo: Handout from Walaa Mutair)

In the process, she launched the first edition of “Irteqaa notepad” in January 2020. It is a notepad for adults aged 16 and over, an agenda of sorts whose 170 pages contain months and weeks, as well as personal space, motivational quotes and phrases for each week, and habits to follow tables.

The main objective of the Irteqaa notepad is to deliver information, whether in psychology, planning, self-development, or religion, in a simplified and practical way, through interactive exercises and tables. It also hopes to help people get to know themselves, through information and questions.

Mutair said that the notepad contains a large number of exercises and questions, through which an individual may evaluate himself.

The Wheel of Life exercise is a visual tool or worksheet used in coaching to help clients understand how balanced or fulfilled their lives is at the moment.

The wheel consists of 8-10 categories considered significant for a balanced life. Those interested rate their level of satisfaction with each area, and map this onto an image of a wheel. That gives them an immediate overview of their current “life balance”. Crucially, the life wheel enables one to see right away which category of life might need improvement.

The Johari window is a technique designed to help people better understand their relationship with themselves and others. It was created by psychologists Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham and is used primarily in self-help groups and corporate settings as a heuristic exercise.

(Photo: Handout from Walaa Mutair)

It contains four quadrants: the open area (you know and others know); the blind area (others know, but you do not); the hidden area (you know, but others do not); and the unknown area (neither you nor others know).

The notepad delves deep into the character through questions like “how to discover my skills?”, “what are the things that make me happy?”, “things I am grateful for in my life?”. The notepad deals with the health aspect, human health goals, breathing and relaxation exercises, and others.

After completing all the exercises and answering the questions, the individual starts to follow up the habits and goals she/he wrote down throughout the year.

“When I released the first version of Irteqaa notepad and marketed it through social media, I was surprised by the people’s thirst for such ideas. It was a strong motivation for me to continue my career,” Mutair told Jordan News.

(Photo: Handout from Walaa Mutair)

“During my work on the project, I was an employee at Dot Media, a leading company in the field of media and marketing that supports small projects. It offered me partnership so that we could together expand the project. Indeed, we established a new version of Irteqaa notepad, a small dream notepad for children, and then a series of interactive books followed,” she said.

The interactive books, especially the Irteqaa notepad, was well received; 10,000 books were sold in about a year.

“There are numerous competitors, both inside and outside Jordan. What distinguishes Irteqaa` notepad is that its content is completely Arabic, it is undated, and functions as both an interactive self-development book and an annual agenda,” said Mutair.

She participated with the notepad in the Amman International Book Fair, Riyadh International Book Fair, and an event in Chicago, US. It is sold in Turkey, Palestine, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and the US, through local representatives and points of sale.

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