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5. Cooking in Aqaba- Source Aqabawi
Spice up breaks from your nine-to-five routine by trying out a different class every week. (Photo: Aqabawi, Jordan Archery, Beit Sitti, Al-Saheel Riding Center, and Envato Elements)
If you are interested in exploring different hobbies, enjoy learning new skills, and look forward to meeting new people, look no further than your own city. Below are some classes that may help you immerse yourself in a new experience. اضافة اعلان

Cooking at Beit Sitti
It is a one-of-a-kind culinary experience in a real Jordanian household located in Luweibdeh — one of the oldest neighborhoods in Amman. As the name Beit Sitti implies, the idea is to learn how to cook local dishes from a Jordanian grandmother, Maria, and then enjoy the meal in a cozy setting. You can join one of the pre-scheduled cooking lessons, book your own private lesson, or even plan a corporate team- building activity.

A class often teaches one traditional main course, a fresh salad, a popular side dish and, and dessert to end on a sweet note. Beit Sitti’s menu includes falafel (deep fried mashed chickpeas); manaeesh (flat bread topped with cheese or zaatar); fattet magdoos (eggplant in tomato sauce on a bed of crunchy bread, topped with rice and smothered in cold, fresh yogurt); fattet dajaj (shredded chicken on a bed of crunchy bread, topped with rice and smothered in cold, fresh yogurt); freakeh ou dajaj (cooked green wheat with chicken); kousa mahshy (zucchinis stuffed with rice and minced meat in a yogurt or tomato sauce); maqloubeh (a meat, chicken, or vegetable rice dish); and mandi (basmati rice and chicken topped with sweet raisins and crunchy almonds or pine nuts).

To get you excited about joining, Beit Sitti has a class on how to make maqloubeh at 4pm on July 10 and a breakfast class at 10am on July 16.

Jordan Archery
Based in Amman, Jordan Archery’s aim is to make archery easily accessible. During beginners’ classes, trainers focus on inclusivity, woman and child empowerment, developing personal skills, and building a friendly community. There are three courses to choose from: Beginners Course, World Archery Level One Coaching, and Target Archery-Judging Training.

The Beginners Course offers a comprehensive introduction to the sport and includes 10 classes, two of which are one-hour range sessions. According to the official website, the month long course covers stance and body-pre-setting, hand positions, bow raising, pre-draw, draw, string clearance, bow hand, release, follow-through, anchor point, and sight setting.

After completing a course, students receive an official certificate that qualifies them to take part in local tournaments and book discounted free shooting sessions.

Mosaic House
Located on Mount Nebo, near Madaba, Mosaic House offers classes and workshops for both novice and advanced craftspeople. Whether you choose a two to three hour class or a one to two week course, the sessions promise to teach students techniques and ways to customize their own handmade pieces.

Learning about mosaic is not just about art, but also a fun Byzantine history lesson, as Madaba has a rich heritage.

While there, you can get some handmade mosaic pieces created by professionals, as well as rich organic soaps made from virgin olive oil.

Horseback riding at Al Saheel Riding Center

An old Arabic proverb says “the air of heaven is that which blows between a horse’s ears”. Indeed, there is something magical about horseback riding once you get the hang of it and build a relationship with the animal.
Spice up breaks from your nine to five routine by trying out a different class every week. You could end up finding a new hobby or collecting funny stories to cherish and share.
Al Saheel Center is the perfect place to start, as their mission is to make the sport available to everyone. According to their website, the team does not only teach you technique, but also the “passion” and “compassion” necessary for rider and horse “to understand and complement one another”.

The center offers different lessons and courses for all ages and levels while fostering a positive and welcoming atmosphere. The choices of lessons include riding for beginners, showjumping, and endurance. Riders can also learn more about Arabian horse beauty contests and ways to bond with horses and nature.

Contrary to popular belief, there is more to Aqaba than beautiful beaches and exhilarating watersports. Aqabawi offers various activities, from culinary and artistic, to cultural and bedouin. Here are a few options you can choose to book next time you find yourself in Aqaba:

Culinary adventures

If you love food and learning about Jordanian cuisine, sign up for one of their two-hour cooking classes to make local treats and meals. Try out their Arabian bread and Aqabawi cookie baking experience, date molasses-class, or a sesame bar and roasted coffee lesson.

Artistic and cultural
Learn to make unique pieces of jewelry from beautiful Red Sea sea glass. The class is led by a local craftswoman who demonstrates and helps participants create pendants using traditional tools.

Another skill to learn is henna and kohl drawing. Participants sip on freshly brewed Arabic coffee as a local henna artist shares the history behind kohl and henna in Jordan. Participants then choose a preset henna design or request their own to get drawn on their bodies.

In a 90-minute intensive class, you can learn one of the world’s oldest art practices: bottled sand art. First introduce by the Nabataeans, this art came shortly after the invention of the hourglass. It has been practiced and sold since the 1930s. There are several techniques and colorful designs that participants can learn to create their own bottles.

Collecting memories
Spice up breaks from your nine-to- five routine by trying out a different class every week. You could end up finding a new hobby or collecting funny stories to cherish and share.

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