Local designer reimagines how children learn through play

hi five park playground
(Photos: Handouts from Mira Haddadin)
AMMAN — Struggling to find a present for her young son led local interior designer Mira Haddadin down a path of entrepreneurship, allowing her to bring together her expertise as a designer and mother to start her own business, “Hi Five”. اضافة اعلان

Hi Five creates customized products that encourage children them to get engage with their natural environment.

“My inspiration for any work I have done or will do is my son Karim,” she said in an interview with Jordan News.

The idea for Hi Five was conceived when she wanted to get Karim a present for his first birthday, something more useful and educational than a toy that would eventually bore him. 

Haddadin explained that as her son continues to grow up, she has been observing the need for activities that Amman’s public spaces do not accommodate for, adding that her creations seek to bridge this gap.

The Hi Five concept focuses on the five senses that kids use to get to know the world, adapting an approach known as “sensory play”.

Each Hi-Five piece is custom-made for each child with their name on it to make it more personal and relatable. Everything is locally produced.

The principles of Montessori education are at the core of Haddadin’s designs. She tries to promote a healthy environment for children to learn and a safe place to have freedom of experimenting, using neutral colors and wood material, for example, in order not to distract the child.

Hi Five sells various products such as climbing racks, kids’ gardening kits, reading corners, learning towers, Pikler Triangle, and custom-made libraries to encourage kids to read and develop new interests.

But Haddadin’s trademark is the Mud Kitchen, made out of solid wood and especially customized for children of an age when play opens doors of observation, creativity, and freedom.

According to Haddadin, customizing the products with carefully studied proportions allows the children to play confidently without the need for parental supervision, which is one of the main objectives of Hi Five.

Haddadin added that she saw the pandemic as an opportunity to rethink the spaces kids spend time in and introduce new modules that give the chance for new activities, during a time when few could find ways how to keep their children.

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