Passionate interior designer takes first, confident steps in the market

Interior designer Ahmad Albeik. (Photo: Handout from Ahmad Albeik)
AMMAN — Interior designer Ahmad Albeik is the partner and owner of The Interior Designers office. Albeik’s passion for designing began when he was a talented child in school who got hooked on details. اضافة اعلان

Later on, he decided to develop his interest in design by studying it as a major at university. In 2016, he graduated from Al Isra University and started his pursuit. 

Six months ago, he established his interior design company, in partnership with designer Nada Juma, who is involved with designing, supervising and executing interior spaces and landscapes. Additionally, the partners hold workshops and courses in designing and record and manage a YouTube channel that discusses various topics related to to their profession.

Albeik and his partner Juma have different approaches and styles. Whereas Albeik’s style tends towards luxury and light colors, Juma’s leans to contemporary style and bold colors. Their contrasting interests help complete one another’s experiences. Although it was only recently established, The Interior Designers already has succeeded in building a strong reputation through projects in Jordan and the United Arab Emirates. 

Albeik doesn’t only see interior design as a job, rather a passion and a way of life that gives him the chance to have a new experience with each client and a constant challenge of learning, “I believe that the designer is the one that gives the space its beauty,” said Albeik in an interview with Jordan News. 

According to Albeik, we need designers because designing is not only concerned with aesthetics and taste, but also a special kind of science, that concerns all the aspects such as colors, lighting, materials, distribution and movement, in order to craft a space that is comfortable for people. 

“A good designer ensures that the design is functional before looking into its aesthetical aspect,” said the entrepreneur, explaining that aesthetics, of course, isn’t any less valuable than the functionality, but combining them both guarantees the best quality. 

The social media impact on the interior designing market has been significant, according to Albeik, who notices in the last three years a serious leap in people’s awareness, as information became available to everyone. The design of the brand and decoration of the place precedes the product or the service on social media. 

Especially in the last year, the pandemic made people open their eyes to the importance of designing good quality spaces, after spending a very long time inside, according to Albeik. The difference between the spatially comfortable homes and those that are so comfortable was very obvious in regards to the mental health of their owners.

Albeik finds the beauty of his profession in the constant challenge. He believes that a good outcome doesn’t always rely on the budget, but also the creativity of the designer who embraces new ideas and has the ability to change, learn, and develop. 

“To me, nothing is more meaningful than having a talent, working on it and developing it, giving it all your time and all you have until it becomes your job and source of income, loving what you do and doing what you love,” said Albeik. 

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