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Jordanian interior designers promote the power of productivity

Dwell1: Andalucia Residence in Madaba, in May, 2019. The project was Dwell Design Studio’s first major renovation. (Photos: Handout from Dwell Design Studio)
Dwell1: Andalucia Residence in Madaba, in May, 2019. The project was Dwell Design Studio’s first major renovation. (Photos: Handout from Dwell Design Studio)
AMMAN — Dwell Design Studio, started by two interior designers, works on everything from office spaces to personal homes, but their focus on comfort and productivity over aesthetics sets them apart from other studios, they recently told Jordan News.   اضافة اعلان

“Dwell means living well, and that’s what we try to give our clients the most,” Tala Khalil, cofounder and a partner at the firm, said in an interview with Jordan News.

After graduating with degrees in architecture, 28-year-old Khalil and Rafa Barakat started working in architect offices to gain experience. But after a while, they felt that the office work was hindering their experience. They decided to found their own interior design company and launched Dwell Design Studio.

“Unfortunately, when it comes to working at offices in Jordan, you can't be as creative as you want,” said Khalil. “Because at the end of the ride, you will be doing what the business owner wants you to do. So we wanted to share our ideas, and that's what pushed us to create our company.”

In 2018, Khalil and Barakat had their first chance to unleash their creativity when they renovated a villa at Al-Andalucia. The two designers believe that the project marked the beginning of their company. It provided a key opportunity for them to show what they could do.

“We have worked a lot on this villa,” Khalil noted. “It took us a year and four months to finish it, and because it was a total renovation project it gave us all the experience that we needed.”

The two architects said that they aim to give their clients the best user experience possible by being transparent with their plans, giving clients the best results without complicating the process, and trying to meet the clients’ expectations without exceeding budgets.

“The client usually wants to make his dream come true in his own space, so we try our best to make his dream come true without complicating the process,” Khalil said.

According to the partner, clients’ budgets aren’t usually a problem for Dwell Design Studio, because they work to find low-cost alternatives that meet their clients’ expectations when needed.

“The biggest transformation of a place can happen with small adjustments,” she said. “Changing the light, colors, or adding a painting can change the whole space’s vibe. Also, we always try to find an affordable option for the client.”

Dwell Design Studio’s team has worked on a multitude of different projects, such as offices, houses, gym, cafes, apartments, mixed-use buildings, and event venues.

A nature reserve in Palestine is one of their favorites: The project was started in 2020 but had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that the pandemic situation is slowly abating, the pair will resume work on the project.

The company’s ambition is to have projects all over the world. Barakat is currently obtaining her license to open a branch for the company in the United States, so the partners can take their first step towards their dream of globalizing their company.

As interior designers, Tala and Rafa believe that the environment a person is living or working in can have a huge effect on their level of comfort, creativity, and happiness.

“A well-designed workspace can affect the level of productivity of the one who is working in it,” Khalil said. “Working in an organized and well-designed space can make the person more excited to go to work, rather than going in with the mentality of boredom.”

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