5 ways to stay active in Amman this summer

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With the pandemic ebbing, it might be time to finally ditch the at-home YouTube video workouts and up your fitness game. Whether you’re looking to try something new or stick to your old gym ways, there is no shortage of options to choose from in Amman.اضافة اعلان

Sculpt with Yas — JD15 per class:
Arguably one of the best things to come out of the pandemic, Sculpt with Yas is led by certified instructor Yasmine Shami, this hour-long yoga sculpt class combines cardio and strength training for a full-body burn that leaves every single one of your muscles sore. Whether you’re looking to work your abs, arms, or legs, Sculpt with Yas has the workout for you.

Rize Up Sports Complex:
This new spot opened its doors just two weeks ago and has since been the talk of the town. The complex includes a two floors of open space gym with a live DJ every day, a soccer field, a tennis court, and an Olympic-size swimming pool. If you find yourself having a hard time getting back to the gym grind, Rize Up might just be the game-changer you need.

Stella Fitness — JD32–35 per class:
Learn to use equipment like a Balanced Body Pilates Reformer, Chair, and Tower at Stella Fitness, led by Balanced Body master trainer Rula Khashman. This dynamic, hour-long full body pilates workout is not like anything you’ve tried before. What’s more, Stella Fitness also offers personal training, strength and conditioning, and trampoline cardio.

Climbat — JD12 for a day pass:
If you’re in the mood for a fun challenge, try rock-climbing at Climbat. With climbing walls of various difficulty, you’re sure to get a good workout in whether you’re a first-timer or a pro. You can sign up for a fun day session or get a day pass. For the real rock-climbing fanatics out there, you can even get a monthly subscription that comes with access to a gym and calisthenics rig.

Crossfit Quicksand — JD120 per month:
Not for the faint of heart, Crossfit is a high-intensity, strength and conditioning workout that uses a combination of body-weights, barbells, kettlebells, and pull-up bars. Give Crossfit a go but try the brand-new facilities at Quicksand — it’ll leave you sore all over but coming back for more. 

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