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ARIES: It may be time to beef up your resume. You could find yourself in a better position if things start changing around you. The more skills you have, the more options you might find are available when things calm down.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Sometimes the headlines may not match the content. In some instances, your insistence on being more whimsical than others could rub someone the wrong way. Acting out your daydreams might create tension with someone else.

GEMINI: Your ability to understand and interpret other people's feelings or intentions may be stronger than usual. You might shine in group situations or get the chance to present your best ideas in an ideal venue and gain accolades.

CANCER: This may not be the best time to launch a new financial project or make a major purchase. You might be dazzled by surface appearances and lose out if you try to follow through on a get rich quick scheme.

LEO: Although someone or something may float your boat it might be wiser to keep yourself safely docked for now. If you become wrapped up in daydreams you could miss out on something a little more important.

VIRGO: You may need to convince someone that you are being sincere. Your enhanced communication skills can help make a significant difference in the results. Loved ones might offer suggestions when you need assistance with decisions.

LIBRA: It can be wise to ask for feedback from trusted loved ones to make sure you are staying grounded in reality and prevent being lost in wishful thinking. Performing dull routines could ultimately help make your dreams come true.

SCORPIO: The desire to do your best and get things done quickly could be perceived as being aggressive by someone else. Consider when to show off your talents to try and impress your colleagues, boss, or family.

SAGITTARIUS: Important decisions may need to be made in the face of changes that could be on their way. Try not to be afraid of taking a leap and making hard choices. Obtain more options or impact by demonstrating solid leadership skills.

CAPRICORN: Break one bad habit and you could realize that you can do anything. Build a vision of how you can improve your life and how to implement it. Respect the conventions but be willing to change with the times when needed.

You may prefer to have a set of contingencies in place, but the possibilities might appear at random and leave you unable to prepare a solid plan for any of them. Develop your flexibility and you can learn to adapt.

PISCES: You can often think your way past minor problems. A hectic schedule filled with multiple priorities could make you wonder if there are enough hours in a day. Organizing a to do list can help you tackle it methodically.

IF NOVEMBER 7 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You may be mesmerized by a new romance or an imaginative idea this week, but be forewarned that you might be chasing mirages. Wait until mid-December when your judgment could be improved, to make decisions about a new partner or to make a move on crucial plans. If you wait to start important matters such as accepting an offer, embracing a job opportunity, or making a move to a new location, you could be more satisfied with the results. Be sensitive to the nuances of emotional ties in late December when you may need to think through problems in order to overcome them. You may be confronted by some personal demons in January that could disturb your peace of mind, but by relying on your strength of character you can emerge stronger and earn the respect of others.

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