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ARIES: You may not be swept away by romantic daydreams if you are busy counting your profits or enjoying the benefits of your business prowess. Sharing your interests can help make even the dullest task more exciting.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Learn from the mistakes of others and you can escape negative consequences. Educate yourself in ways and means and be ready. You could be able to offer a top performance if you work your way up to it.

GEMINI: Sometimes the most beneficial decisions can be a matter of perspective. If you are willing to concentrate on your job, you could receive a raise. Concentrating on love could have you craving more time together.

CANCER: Everybody can have a special “go to” person. If you pay attention you could end up as the one they call if they are in need of help. All the good you do returns to you, from one avenue or another.

LEO: The hardest thing for many people can be staring at a blank screen or page waiting for an idea. Be prepared for inspiration to strike. If you look away for too long the thought could evaporate. Jot them down when you can.

VIRGO: People may argue about whether a clean desk means organization or that you have not started. Whatever you believe it could be better to know where everything goes. You can be ready for anything that comes your way.

LIBRA: The higher ups may want you to get more credentials before you can be able to move up. The rewards when you add that extra line to your resume could be worth it in the end. Just view it as another rung on the ladder.

SCORPIO: The ideas you may have been sorting through can show real promise if you find all the information needed to transition them from hobbies to enterprise. Now might be the perfect time to ask questions and do the needed research.

SAGITTARIUS: Shopping without a list can lead to buying things you do not need and forgetting things you do. If you are not prepared the same thing could happen in other aspects of life. Your best future depends on knowing what you need.

CAPRICORN: Make sure you are planted on solid ground. The Tower of Pisa leans because the groundwork was not completed with a proper foundation. Faltering and almost falling may not make you a popular attraction.

AQUARIUS: This might not be a great time to expect profits from financial speculation. You can roll up your sleeves and make money by adhering to a routine. You may be able to count on loved ones as much as they rely on you.

PISCES: No matter what you believe about education, people in positions of power may be looking for a string of letters after a name. Consider finding a way to get the right credentials to avoid being passed over.

IF OCTOBER 12 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: It may be difficult to play second fiddle or to manage emotional issues that can taint your happiness during the next two to three weeks. Focus on constructive activities in November when there may be extra energy and imaginative ideas at your disposal. It may be a friend, a romantic partner, or a vacation that offers you additional inspiration and motivation. December could be a time when your attractiveness is at a peak and you may successfully form new commitments, attachments, secure a new job, or change of address. You may balk at restraints in January and may need to wait until February when your good reputation could be highlighted to make a major change or start something new. In late February, your intelligence and negotiation skills should be better than usual so this could be a suitable time to apply profitable financial tactics.

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