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ARIES: Looking awkward can be cute from someone else’s point of view; don’t shame yourself if you make a dumb move. Be brave and silly in public; talk to people and you could find someone is looking for a duet.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Everything about you might have changed. The 13-year-old you’s fantasy of how life could be may have left out things that make your current life wonderful. It could be time to rewrite your dreams.

GEMINI: Romantic obstacles can be overcome with patience and a willingness to listen, but there may be moments when the entire relationship is brought into question. Listen with your heart, decide with your head.

CANCER: Duties and responsibilities are part of adulthood, but you can try to build a passionate and purposeful life you don’t need to escape from. The magic is always in you, how can you shine more brightly?

LEO: It may be time to start looking for contacts outside your established friend group. It could be easy for you to get trapped in one way of thinking, but a new set of acquaintances can expose you to new and innovative ideas.

VIRGO: Now may be the time to get the blood pumping and get your body moving. A walk in the woods or a trip to the gym can help take care of your body and mind. Bring along a loved one to take care of the needs of your heart as well.

LIBRA: Nothing can be completely perfect, so always remember how completely fantastic being brilliant can be. A few points short of one 100 percent will still earn you an A. Extra credit could be earned later.

SCORPIO: Blind dates could be a disaster or a dream. Be sure that you are remaining honest with yourself and your friends who love to play matchmaker. Unless they know the truth, they may continue to look in the wrong place.

SAGITTARIUS: It’s easier to stay in the bleachers and eat snacks rather than go out and compete, but there are no medals for spectating. Now may be the time to take to the field and join the squad. The world could be watching.

CAPRICORN: You may be looking at love from the wrong perspective. Love is not a gift which just appears. It is a process, a change, a new way of looking at others and the world. You could be ready to grow into the love you deserve.

AQUARIUS: You may have seen all the love stories on reality television that end in rings, tears, or restraining orders. You cannot always choose the ending, but you can choose the channel and the show. Let the story tell itself.

PISCES: Rivers can only polish stones if they bash them together until the roughness is ground smooth. It may not be fun for the rocks, but the river does not even notice. Choose whether to be the rock or the river that calmly flows on.

IF JULY 29 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: If you feel overworked or underappreciated rest assured that your schedule may soon improve, and energy levels could get into high gear in the upcoming week. Avoid making major changes or business and financial decisions in August and September because you may be so focused on making a dollar that you could alienate the people who would help you succeed. If, however, you focus on networking and group activities you might develop some helpful friendships. Steer clear of get rich schemes and new romantic interludes in late September and early October when you might be gullible or forget to look beyond surface appearances. You may hurry through your work or be touchy in October. Wait until the first half of December to consider putting your most important plans into motion and embracing new opportunities.

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