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ARIES: You can do your best, but sometimes even your best may not be good enough. Wait until you know what a disagreement is about before you jump in. It might not be your problem but interfering could make you the new target.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: There is a difference between urgency and importance. Take a look at your priorities in the grand scheme of things. Focusing on the edges can cause you to lose sight of the center. Family members may not understand coming in second place.

GEMINI: Owning any mistakes you may have made and making your amends tangible by helping to fix things, can create or improve goodwill from others. Cover-ups are almost always worse than just making the mistake.

CANCER: Good leadership skills can include accountability and allowing for growth or training. When it comes to your finances or family obligations you may occasionally react to a set of unpredictable circumstances.

LEO: Avoid sabotaging yourself by tearing into any flaws you think you may have. Take the time to examine and understand yourself, you may see that your greatest strengths are what you have been calling your weaknesses.

VIRGO: You might find that someone close to you may be more sensitive to criticism than you expected. This could cause a reaction that can grow into a minor crisis. Take advice with a grain of salt when it comes to business projects.

LIBRA: A misunderstanding might spiral out of control unless you approach it cautiously. Your romantic daydreams could be grounded from flight for the time being by the intrusion of unforeseen obstacles, or just reality. Be mindful.

SCORPIO: It may not be enough to play the game unless you can abide by the established rules. Straight answers and honest truths are the way to go, facts are very persistent things, make them your friends.

SAGITTARIUS: Some people may spread the blame to others rather than explain problems and fix them. Be extremely cautious about making accusations, someone might try to hide their mistakes or shift the responsibility.

CAPRICORN: You could score points and even win a few rounds but someone else’s antics may cost you something important. Trust the actions of the universe, whatever was taken away was in your way.

AQUARIUS: If you find yourself tempted to make a minor investment, put the emphasis on minor. When it comes to your finances, be sure to stay on the straight and narrow path to avoid complications in the future.

PISCES: Knowing when to use your inside voice versus your outside voice can be a necessary skill. Quiet words meant only for the right ear can argue the point better than challenging an entire room. Sometimes discretion is needed.

IF JULY 1 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You may enjoy wishful thinking and romantic musings during the next three to four weeks. Although you think you can cash in on your ideas, you may not yet be realistic and practical enough to turn a profit with an entrepreneurial scheme. Wait until late July or early August to put plans in motion, when you could be prepared to go all-in and give a project or plan your undivided attention. You may run head on into problems during September if you rush ahead without adequate planning. October could be a good time to implement crucial changes or to launch your most important plans, since optimism, confidence, and wisdom should be accentuated, and you should have the support of people who have your best interests in mind.

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