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ARIES: Possible issues between loved ones may be heading toward resolution. You might feel you need to step in and mediate, but it could be best to step back and let them work through things themselves.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You may feel an intense desire for affection or intimacy, but it might not be possible right now. If you channel your energies into a passion project or your studies, you may discover new and exciting things to keep your attention in the meantime.

GEMINI: You could be feeling influenced by a strong drive toward material success and a need for authority. Solidify the lesson that loyalty and a commitment to fulfilling your promises is the superior choice when it comes to achievements.

CANCER: Now may be the time to focus on manners and being careful with your words. It can be easy to forget who you are talking to in the heat of the moment. Remember to be respectful in every encounter and you can avoid a falling out.

LEO: Demonstrate your abilities with confidence and people will be more willing to listen. Do your best to lead by example and treat others mindfully, and you can avoid confrontation. Be the best you can be and others will recognize your skills.

VIRGO: Social media can be a good escape from current darkness, but it may also be distracting you from seeing the light. Taking a step back and going for a walk may be the best way to recalibrate your mindset.

LIBRA: You could be feeling left out right now. Try not to take it personally. Sometimes you need to spend some time in the background so that you can leap into the foreground later on. Your current relationships may require honoring past obligations.

SCORPIO: It might feel like life has started to repeat itself day by day and put you in a rut. Getting your mind and heart racing could be just the escape from monotony you may be looking for. Seek out some new ideas and activities.

SAGITTARIUS: Changes may be coming to your life. Sometimes you can miss the tree in the forest but know that your heart can see more than your eyes ever could. Look past the crowd and look for the one person who matters the most to you.

CAPRICORN: It might seem like there are too many demands on your wallet currently. Your reputation may take a blow when it comes to office intrigues but you can prove your trustworthiness through hard work and meeting any deadlines.

There may be more kindness in the world than you realize but it might not always be spoken aloud. You could find yourself overwhelmed with glad emotions when you receive an unexpected kind word or good deed.

PISCES: In the middle of the game, the rules may change without warning or explanation. If you find yourself behind due to older strategies, the answer is to learn and level up. You can learn to overcome frustrations if you keep a cool head.

IF JUNE 4 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: What you consider sheer exuberance and enthusiasm may be seen as pushiness by others as the next two to three weeks roll by. Be sure there is no chip on your shoulder when you participate in competitive activities and be polite if someone questions your authority. Enjoy group outings and other social activities where your friendliness is an asset during July. In late July and the beginning of August, your business sense is enhanced, making this a suitable time to channel your competitiveness into shrewd strategies and money-making ventures. Late October may be the best time to take an inspiring vacation or to give your romantic fantasies a green light. Rein in daydreaming during November, when you could be blinded by surface appearances. Late November and early December could be a good time to accept offers or to put plans into motion.

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