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ARIES: Try to restrain your exuberance. It can be easy to rub someone the wrong way, so make a point of being polite and considerate. You might learn the hard way to count to 10 when you are impatient.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Wait until you have a blank page to move on to the next chapter. At the moment, you may be too busy tying up loose ends to make a successful fresh start. Offer someone else encouragement while you wait.

GEMINI: Review your hopes and dreams, write down your ideas and goals. Remember there might be no limit to wishes, only your capacity for being realistic. Do not let an irrational fear of failure hold you back from aspirations.

CANCER: Pick and choose your companions wisely. Resist pairing up with someone who may be overly dramatic, or who has anger issues. You might be tempted to shake things up just to show that you cannot be controlled or coerced.

LEO: Weigh the pros and cons of a launch. The only perfect “condition” worth waiting for is advantageous timing. There could be more drawbacks than benefits right now, so  hold off on launching new enterprises for now.

VIRGO: There may be more than one instance of indecision in your day. That could be a sign that you are not ready to make a heartfelt commitment to a business proposition or investment. Patiently wait for your optimum timing.

LIBRA: Put the cap on bottled up emotions. No matter what you do, you could seem more interested in your own agenda. You might not obtain support from friends or persuade people to take your side by appealing to their sympathies right now.

SCORPIO: Do your best the first time around. There are no dress rehearsals when there is a crucial job to do or an important new client to impress. Someone’s opinion can influence the outcome, so put forth your best efforts.

SAGITTARIUS: Extravagances may seem worth every penny. In your mind, the difference between being ordinary and extraordinary is often that little extra bit. Enjoy putting the fruits of your labors to excellent use.

CAPRICORN: Make a stand about what you believe in and care about. If you see injustices, you can be willing to take charge and make improvements. Guard against possibly pressuring someone and causing a dispute.

AQUARIUS: Sometimes you can learn additional lessons considerably different than the teacher intended to teach. Consider whether a shortcut or discount will still deliver the same value. Avoid pressure tactics.

PISCES: Try not to make value judgments. It may be easy to criticize someone who is in a hurry unless you have run a mile in their trainers. Those who want sympathy or a shoulder to cry on can drain your resources and emotions.

IF MAY 17 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Your astute and practical outlook as well as foresight is enhanced during the next two to three weeks, making this an excellent time to make crucial financial decisions and put key plans into motion. You may meet influential people or widen your social network in June, when your friendliness can bring you into contact with a wide range of like-minded acquaintances. In July, you could be preoccupied by social activities but could also be attracted to people who stir up your discontent. Much can be accomplished in August when your energy levels are high. Take a romantic vacation or take note of your imaginative ideas in late August or early September when inspiration buoys you up. Your daydreams can get the better of you in late September and early October, when you might only see what you want to see.

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