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ARIES: You may be placed in an awkward position by a family member, or your loyalties could be tested. Put your romantic ideas on the back burner for now. This could be a better time to focus on getting something tangible accomplished.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Approach new people with a friendly smile to help break the ice. Participating in a group think tank could be one way to solve a problem. Ask for someone’s expert opinion or follow the example of your peers.

GEMINI: You may remain open-minded and objective in group gatherings. It can be easy to strike up friendships if you understand the difference between facts and spin. Some people might twist the truth to further their own agenda.

CANCER: Your knowledge of what is going on behind the scenes could make you seem like a genius. You may prefer to participate in group gatherings because you sometimes feel uncomfortable in intimate relationships or career situations.

LEO: Optimism can challenge your common sense. Instead of jumping in, do a careful risk-benefit analysis. Focus on constructive activities and funnel your energy into worthwhile and productive projects. You should be more energetic than usual now.

VIRGO: If your straight shooting, practical attitude clashes with people’s sensitivities, what can you learn? It is possible to remain friendly with a variety of people, and you can do so even if a conversation takes an awkward turn.

LIBRA: You may be uncertain about which direction you want to go so it may be best to tread water. Play it safe by sticking with “tried and true” routines. A minor misunderstanding does not need to become a point of contention.

SCORPIO: Band together with other people to promote your individual needs. Apply a welcoming attitude to reassure new friends of your sincerity. Perform research to find the clues that can lead to heightened success.

SAGITTARIUS: Surrender to your finer instincts. Your “winner takes all” attitude could make you take unwise risks. Try to employ peacemaking tactics, it’s unlikely to cause you to sacrifice any competitive advantage.

A take-no-prisoners approach can only put you at the top of a heap of bodies. Conduct thoughtful discussions that can help you in making astute executive decisions while fully supporting your team or colleagues.

AQUARIUS: Communication can be the key that unlocks more rewarding relationships. Misunderstandings could be wiped away with a simple conversation. Share your feelings as well as your ambitions with others.

PISCES: It may not always be easy to find the best answers to your questions. You might wonder how to accomplish one of your assigned tasks without relying on someone else. Tap into the reservoir of knowledge of your circle of friends.

IF MAY 22 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Try to maintain a low profile and pay attention to any rules or regulations during the next two to three weeks. This is not the best time to ask for favors or take on any added responsibilities. Past mistakes could reemerge and may need attention so you might need to avoid starting anything new. In late June, your business sense can be enhanced, making it a suitable time to review your business and financial portfolios. If you truly need a helping hand, the universe could bring you some needed assistance or helpful opportunities in the second half of July. Enjoy physical activities or group gatherings in August. Indulge in a vacation if possible in early September but try to focus on fulfilling possible commitments and obligations as September gives way to early October.

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