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(Photo: Brain Boost)
AMMAN — Your brain deserves as much thought and attention to stay healthy as any other part of your body. This will be the take-away message of the two-day workshop Brain Boost, held next month under the patronage of Minister of Culture Haifa Najjar at the Hussein Cultural Center.اضافة اعلان

“We are lucky to have 14 of Jordan’s top experts in brain science and communication with us this year,” says Publisher and Managing Director of Al Marji’ Publications Hind-Lara Mango.

Both Family Flavours and Nakahat’ Ailiyeh magazines, produced by Al Marji’ Publications, strive to raise awareness with credible expert-backed information. This is the second annual brain health event it co-hosts with the brain training centre, Mind Matters, joining the global campaign: Brain Awareness Week.

“The brain is so complex and intefresting, but many do not understand how it works or what they can do to support it,” says Educational Psychologist Dina Halaseh, co-founder of Mind Matters, organising partner of Brain Boost. She explains that “this event aims to raise awareness and share the wonders of brain science to help families, teachers and individuals boost their brains”.

At this workshop, held March 11-12, participants will explore topics, such as money intelligence, Alzheimer’s, COVID, stress, sleep, addiction and much more.

“This event will help families, educators, parents and caregivers learn more about the latest in brain science, applicable to teens and children too,”adds Mango.

Al Oun for Alzheimer’s Patients Care Association (AACA), the Ministry of Culture, NatHealth, Arab Bank, Amman Greater Municipality and Ivy Solutions have partnered in this event.

Halaseh is an expert contributor in both Family Flavours and Nakahat’ Ailiyeh magazines. She will speak at Brain Boost about the brain’s ability to “rewire and reshape itself to overcome challenges and build new connections that help accommodate our daily needs.” 

This event aims to provide networking opportunities with top professionals in Jordan. Most importantly, it will empower participants with tools to unravel the secrets of the brain to enhance memory and boost brain health.

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