Amman’s best donuts in 2022 : The top 3 revealed

Sweet tooth or not, the mouthwatering doughnuts competing in an Embassy of Poland competition cannot leave one indifferent. (Photo: Ameer Khalefih/Jordan News)
The Embassy of Poland challenged pastry shops in Amman to participate in a contest for the best donut of 2022 on the occasion of Fat Thursday, the sweetest Polish tradition, a single day when Poles eat around 100 million donuts, according to an embassy press statement.اضافة اعلان

The jury won the pleasurable battle with calories in a blind test, and chose the best donuts based on fluffiness, look, feeling, taste, and topping.

The most delicious donuts, the jury decided, are made in the Angelina’s Oven studio. Fluffy Jordan took the second place and the third went to Saisons Patisserie. The rest of the pastries won fourth place ex aequo.

(Photo: Ameer Khalefih/Jordan News)

“As the Polish Embassy, we made a selection of pastry shops in Amman, which make the best donuts in our opinion, and invited them to participate in the competition. The quality of the donuts provided to the jury was amazing. None of us remembers the last time we had such good donuts in Amman. Each of the submitted donuts was extraordinary. It was really difficult to choose the best three,” said + Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Jordan Lucjan Karpiński.

The winning donut from Angelina’s Oven, established in 2021, amazed the jury, according to the press release.

(Photo: Ameer Khalefih/Jordan News)

It was the most flavorful – raspberry rose donut with vanilla bourbon custard and raspberry jam, glazed with white chocolate and roasted almonds. This local patisserie offers a wide range of pastries on daily basis. The head pastry chef is Ahmad Sammour; he has 20 years of experience.

Abdulaziz Zaghloul from Fluffy Jordan, the first artisan donuts shop in Sweifieh, had very fluffy donuts covered with white chocolate and red velvet cake, and filled with cream cheese. They were the fluffiest and had well-balanced flavors.

(Photo: Ameer Khalefih/Jordan News)

The donuts from Saisons Patisserie, founded in 2019 by Hala Al Mabrouk, who graduated from Culinary School in Paris, were very delicate, full of velvety creams – “the most soul donuts” the jury tried.

A total of seven local pastry shops took part in the competition. There are popular places, rated high by Jordanians: Donuttery, Planet Donuts, Dala Cooking Studio, Angelina’s Oven, Saisons Patisserie, Fluffy Jordan and Trend Donuts.

(Photo: Ameer Khalefih/Jordan News)

Ambassador Karpiński invited to the “sweet jury” RACA Director Jacque Rossel, RACA Pastry Chef Amani Sallaq, Dimitri’s Coffee CEO Hisham Abu Baker, Jordanian influencer known as FoodieJo Yasmine Bani Hani, Irena Bushnaq from the Polish community.

“We all know that taste is very subjective, but it seems that the jury rather agreed on the results. The winning donuts were amazing – they had excellent texture and taste. As a professional pastry chef, I am sensitive to the smallest details. In the case of the first three, I had just a few comments,” said Sallaq.

(Photo: Ameer Khalefih/Jordan News)

“It seems that it is the first time that this kind of competition is organized in Amman and we are very excited. We loved the blind tasting idea; it is vital that you can evaluate without bias as your brain will keep neutral as long as you do not know the origin or brand. It works the same with the coffee,” said Abu Baker.

The elements by which the donuts were judged were: fluffiness, topping, taste, filling and look. The pastry shops that participated in the competition were asked to send the simplest kind of donuts, i.e., with icing or sprinkled with powdered sugar and filling. Some of them treated the guidelines very seriously, others allowed themselves a dose of light invention.

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