Local influencer’s humor attracts young adults

Muntaser Jalamdeh or Mjvlogs on Instagram and YouTube is known for how he captures his daily life authentically. (Photo: Handout from Muntser Jalamdeh)
AMMAN — Muntaser Jalamdeh, Mjvlogs on Instagram and YouTube, is a 21-year-old Jordanian influencer and content creator popular among young adults and known for his unique sense of humor, playful side and funny videos. اضافة اعلان

Jalamdeh started his career by filming videos for his YouTube channel when he was a teenager; he would regularly upload vlogs of his travels over five years, then he shifted his content from YouTube to Instagram, in 2020 when the pandemic first hit. 

Muntaser Jalamdeh or Mjvlogs on Instagram and YouTube is known for how he captures his daily life authentically. (Photo: Handout from Muntser Jalamdeh)

“I could not travel anymore due to the COVID-19 restrictions, so I took a break from YouTube and started uploading stories on my Instagram about my daily life, at home or with friends” he said.

Jalamdeh said that almost all his videos were filmed “in the actual moment, all my stories are spontaneous, that is why I started blowing up actually”, he said.
He explained that he would go on Instagram live without planning, then proceed to add guests to the stream and prank them, “my followers liked to watch the streams and asked for them, I guess it was because they were bored in lockdown” he said. 

In about two years, Jalamdeh garnered about 468,000 followers on Instagram.  

He also spoke about how important it is for him to have his friends’ and family’s support, adding that he loved filming his parents.

“I also film with the people I feel comfortable around and my friends, like Ahmad Rawashdeh, who is also my business manager, and Jordanian influencers Ahmad Abu Shayip and Fakhri Jarrar; we became really close around two years ago, I consider them my brothers,” he said. 

His business manager, Rawashdeh, told Jordan News how he started managing Jalamdeh’s business: “I wanted to enter the field of business, and I wanted to provide assistance to Muntaser because he is my friend and he sort of wanted help.”

Rawashdeh and Jalamdeh met in their first year of university and immediately became close friends. “I was not aware he had a large YouTube following, Muntaser was never the one to brag about his career,” he said.

“I love working with him, it seems very normal, just like we are hanging out. I consider him a brother and his success is my success as well. He always encourages everyone around him to do the best they can, he is cheerful, kind, ambitious and always very hopeful,” Rawashdeh added. 

The majority of Jalamdeh’s content is humorous. “I love laughing and I make jokes all the time, I always tell my followers to try not to take me very seriously and they get that, but new followers do not always understand, they criticize me and sometimes even attack me,” he said. 

“You cannot make everyone like your content, some people leave me nasty comments every once in a while, but honestly that does not bother me, on the contrary, ‘hate’ comments motivate me until I reach the highest levels of success.” 

One example: on the day of his eldest sister’s graduation, he posted her certificate and hid her name. “Feminists attacked me saying that I should not be ashamed of my sister’s name, Of course I am not ashamed, I was only joking.”

The vlogger also talked about some of the “privacy” issues he faces almost daily: “When we came back to campus, I was overwhelmed with how many people knew who I was, it still feels surreal. I sometimes see them singling me out; I like that they come and say hello, but I feel awkward if someone is just staring at me.”

“I am very grateful for where I am today. I love that people recognize and approach me in public, but at the same time sometimes it can be tricky, like, for example, if I am hanging out with friends at university, or in a public place with family members, I will randomly catch people trying to take photos of us and that makes me uncomfortable,” Jalamdeh added.

Jalamdeh is planning to go back to YouTube in the future. 
“It is a stronger platform, I think once I decide when I am going back to YouTube, I will be filming a variety of videos, vlogs and maybe challenges, too,” he said. 

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