Celebrated Irish Riverdance company to perform in Amman

Irish riverdance
A few of the Riverdance members with the Irish ambassador to Jordan, Marianne Bolger (center, green jacket). Photo by Jean-Claude Elias. Taken 19-Sep-2023 at the Embassy of Ireland in Amman.
Irish riverdance

Jean-Claude Elias

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Irish celebrated dance company Riverdance is in Amman for an exceptional set of three performances that will take place at the Roman Amphitheater on September 21-23. This year, the renowned, award-winning act is celebrating its 25th anniversary. اضافة اعلان

The show is known for its traditional Irish dance that combines adrenaline-charged rhythms, skills, energy, unique aesthetics, beautiful Irish music, and the impeccably synchronized footwork between dancers which has become their signature.

An impressive team of 49 people, of which are 32 dancers, have made it to Jordan for the occasion.

Passion for dance
Speaking to Jordan News at a reception held at the Embassy of Ireland in Amman, in the presence of the dancers, executive producer Padraic Moyles explained that while Riverdance is mainly about the original Irish dance, “the company also performs other styles, such as Spanish flamenco, and American tap-dancing.”

He added: “We are happy not just to be presenting our dancing, but also to be part of a more global cultural exchange event. It is also great for the company to have the opportunity to perform at such a beautiful historic site as Amman Roman Amphitheatre, a place that represents such a rich heritage”. Moyles is himself a renowned dancer. He joined Riverdance in 1997.

Jordan News also spoke with two of the dancers, Brandon Asazawa and Belle Brenton. They spoke with passion about their art and their role in Riverdance. The two young artists explained that the Dublin-based company is very well organized and allows them to have other activities as well, such as, for example, pursuing college studies online. “Nevertheless, the dancing practice is very demanding, all the time”, said Brenton.

It was a pleasure to see the genuine enthusiasm, passion, and motivation in the eyes of the dancers that Jordan News met.

The event is organized by Friends of Jordan Festivals, with the support of Jordan Tourism Board and the Embassy of Ireland in Jordan.

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