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Jean-Claude Elias

Jean-Claude Elias

The writer is a computer engineer and a classically trained pianist and guitarist. He has been regularly writing IT articles, reviewing music albums, and covering concerts for more than 30 years.

A deep dive into the world of opera with soprano sensation Dima Bawab

Embark on a musical journey through Jordan’s Music Pulse with Jean Claude as he plunges into the world of renowned Jordanian-French singer, Dima Bawab. Renowned for her mesmerizing soprano vocals, Bawab is not just a professional full-time singer; she's a maestro weaving magic through the enchanting realms of opera music. Join us as we explore the depths of her musical prowess and the cultural fusion that defines her unique sound.

Mosaica throws itself into the classical repertoire

​The Kingdom’s award-winning choir group, Mosaica is set to hold exceptional concerts in Amman on March 1 and 2. It will feature an impressive, unprecedented set of 100 musicians on stage, 70 singers from the choir itself, and 30 instrumentalists from the National Music Conservatory (NMC) orchestra, who will accompany them. Moreover, and for the very first time in the rich history of the vocal ensemble, which is known for interpreting a wide range of styles and genres, from traditional Arabic tunes to Christmas carols and folkloric World Music, only classical music will be performed in the upcoming concerts; a selection of the most beautiful, best-known and popular works. The event is aptly titled “Classical Masterpieces.” Last but not least, part of the proceeds will be donated to Gaza through the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization (JHCO).

Music outpour to support Gaza continues unabated

Join host Jean-Claude as he guides you through a melodic journey featuring music from Palestine. In this immersive experience, Jean-Claude sheds light on the enduring struggle of the Palestinian people during the 75-year ongoing occupation. Through the power of Palestinian music, he explores the themes of comfort, therapy, and messages of hope, shared by both Palestinians and those in solidarity with their cause.

The theremin; a unique and fascinating musical instrument

One of the least known and played instruments, the theremin is a unique musical instrument. It sounds like no other. It perfectly illustrates the music-meets-technology concept, though, in comparison to synthesizers, for example, it remains significantly simpler in design.

Music for humanity

Music is a weapon. A powerful one, by any measure. The current war on Gaza is amplifying the phenomenon. This can be heard and viewed virtually on all digital platforms.

Celebrated Irish Riverdance company to perform in Amman

Irish celebrated dance company Riverdance is in Amman for an exceptional set of three performances that will take place at the Roman Amphitheater on September 21-23. This year, the renowned, award-winning act is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

Yussef Dayes’ experimental album: ‘Black Classical Music’

"Black Classical Music" is a recently released album by the extraordinary British drummer, Yussef Dayes. Right away, listeners will notice that it diverges significantly from traditional classical music, such as the works of Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Rachmaninov, Debussy, and others.

Exploring Western influence on Arabic music

Join Jean-Claude for this month’s podcast where he switches things up a bit. Join him as he explores Western influence on Arabic music and its profound implications for artists and the vibrant music scene. Delving into the intricate interplay between Eastern and Western musical traditions, he uncovers how elements like instruments, harmonies, and contemporary genres have integrated into Arabic music's rich tapestry.

A musical odyssey with Yacoub Abu Ghosh

​Join Jean-Claude for his interview with Yacoub Abu Ghosh, a versatile Jordanian musician defying labels. Delve into Ghosh's musical background and journey, as he shares how he navigates without formal training, relying on immersive experience and collaboration with regional talent. From keyboard skills to lyrical finesse, enjoy a musical treat, including a small performance.

The importance of building an awareness around current IT trends

​Information technology is driving the world. There is no doubt about it. Being aware of the current trends in this leading, critical domain, is not only interesting, it also may help us to better live alongside it, and cope with its progression, as it will progress into all aspects of daily life.