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Jean-Claude Elias

Jean-Claude Elias

The writer is a computer engineer and a classically trained pianist and guitarist. He has been regularly writing IT articles, reviewing music albums, and covering concerts for more than 30 years.

Benny Andersson latest trick is classical

​Beautiful pop tunes smartly turned into symphonic music, magnificently interpreted by award-winning Swedish violinist Christian Svarfvar accompanied by the London Philharmonic Orchestra: this is what The Symphonic Touch of Benny Andersson is about. The album is guaranteed to please your ears and leave you relaxed and immersed in the sound. The new album, out just a few days ago, certainly delivers what its title lets you imagine.

The classical guitar journey of Shady Khashram

Join host Jean-Claude Elias in his conversation with Shady Khashram, a talented musician and guitarist, who shares his journey with classical guitar. Shady takes us through his early years as a student, and his training, and shares tips for up-and-coming guitarists.

The irresistible beauty of Microsoft Surface Studio 2 Plus

​At a time when the most talked about IT topics revolve around immaterial tools like the cloud, wireless networking, AI-based software, and mobile apps, we tend to forget that tangible hardware still matters. After all, it is what started it all years ago, with the “personal computer” concept, that now materializes in gorgeous laptop and desktop models.

An Inside Look at Mosaica Singers

Join host Jean-Claude Elias in his conversation with Mosaic Choir co-founders Nedy Muna and Mercedes Alonso, as they share their inspiring journey of building a harmonious community through music.

Trustfall: Pink’s outstanding and addictive album

I started listening to Pink's new album, Trustfall, released on February 17, because I was ordered by my daughter to do so. Though I am well aware of who the celebrated American singer is, Pink is not among my usual favorites, and I had never heard her songs before. However, I listened to the entire album in one go and non-stop. That is just how attractive all the 13 tracks on the set are. I would even go as far as saying they are addictive.

Where is AI taking us?

​Unless you happen to be living on a remote island or as a recluse in the desert, you must be aware of the buzz created by ChatGPT since the beginning of the year. Chances are you have even tried the system and seen the magic-like tricks it does. And yes, viral is the word that best describes its global effect.

Sergei Rachmaninov’s hauntingly romantic music

​The classical album “Rachmaninov: Symphony No 3, Vocalise & The Isle of the Dead”, in which the romantic composer’s works are performed by the ensemble Sinfonia of London, is one of 2022’s clearly remarkable classical recordings and productions.

Keeping pace with the virtual world and its jargon

If you think that the word “breadcrumbs” refers exclusively to those tiny, edible particles scattered a top of your dining table, think again. In Information Technology (IT), the term refers to hyperlinked text boxes that allow users to navigate back to previous browsing pages. This is only one term of a hundred that you might consider memorizing for the new year if you want to stay in the loop.

Mitsuko Uchida is back with Beethoven’s Diabelli Variations

It has been almost 20 years since I discovered musician Mitsuko Uchida and her exquisite pianistic touch. Born in Japan but naturalized as a British citizen, the pianist is globally recognized as one of the best-performing classical pianists alive. Back then, it was a selection of six piano sonatas by Mozart that caught my attention and made me a faithful follower of the artist and an admirer of her playing style.

Taking stock of digital cloud services

Now that the last fears of saving data in the cloud have been wiped out, globally, and after years of hesitation and reluctance on the part of some users, one may ask: what is the best such service that the web could offer is? For, indeed, there are several companies participating in the game, and for the non-technical user the choice may be overwhelming.