Amman Coffee Festival

A blend of culture, taste, and community support

Amman Coffee Festival 08
(Photo: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
AMMAN — On Thursday, the third edition of the "Amman Coffee Festival" kicked off in Al-Hussein Public Park. This four-day long festival promises to be a coffee lover’s dream.اضافة اعلان

The festival provides a unique opportunity for coffee enthusiasts to meet with specialized coffee companies, showcasing a variety of coffee types. The festival also hosts musical performances by the band Autostrad, Tony Qattan, and Fares Al-Abdullah. It also provides an excellent space for small and more local manufacturers to showcase their wares.

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The festival’s purpose and history
The festival was first held in 2019 at Ras Al Ain Gallery with the participation of 30 businesses, attracting up to 10,000 visitors. In 2022, the festival was held in King Abdullah Gardens, with more than 20,000 visitors and the participation of over 60 brands. It is expected that the number of visitors will reach 30,000 this year.

Tala Dafesh, Marketing Manager at Al-Ameed Coffee, the official sponsor of this festival for the second year in a row, said that since Al-Ameed Coffee was established coffee has witnessed significant development. Today, people love and want to taste various types of coffee, especially the younger generation. This festival was initiated with the idea of showcasing the classics blends alongside the new and exciting.

Al-Ameed sees coffee as part of Jordan’s culture, and through this festival, they hope to promote local businesses and support the community by showcasing what Jordanians cherish daily.

Dafesh invited people to visit the festival to enjoy various offers and discounts from different participating companies. Approximately 60 companies, whether those that import or manufacture coffee, are participating in the festival.

The participants of the festival
Nader Shaher, the Sales Manager at Arab Brotherhood company, the agents of City Café, stated that this is their first participation in the Coffee Festival. He believes that from the very beginning, it's evident that the festival will witness a significant turnout.

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Shaher sees the idea of the festival as very appealing, creating a meeting point for coffee companies to promote their products in a competitive atmosphere.

Marwan Hannoun, the General Manager of Arissto and Uncle Osaka Company, said that he considers having a coffee festival in Jordan of utmost importance, reflecting the significance of coffee culture in the Kingdom. The coffee market has witnessed significant competition, especially due to the variety of coffee types. People have become interested in trying new coffee experiences; this festival brings them all into one place, allowing them to coordinate together as well as compete for the attendees’ tastes.

Hannoun added that this year, the festival’s location will play a role in its wide success. He also believes that Jordan is a pioneering country in coffee production, and he predicts significant growth in this market in the coming years.

Laila Al-Wahadneh, who works in the art of decoupage and recycling, said that she has participated in many festivals, but this festival has a special place. So, she presented artworks and artistic products related to coffee themes. Showcasing the festival’s wide array of products and sights, from coffee to music and art.

But not only business owners and artists are cooperating, but people from all branches of the industry. Barista Raghad Betro said, "We opened Café House four months ago, and the idea of having a coffee festival supports us immensely. We promote our products, and it's noticeable that coffee has recently become a trend in Jordan compared to previous years. Our customers keep coming, and they are like a family.” This festival gives them a chance to grow that family, and extend their hospitality, with a cup of coffee.

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