With rising inflation rates, questions about minimum wage need answers

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AMMAN — The Tripartite Committee for Labor Affairs in 2020 decided to raise the minimum wage for Jordanian workers up to JD260 for each upcoming year due to the inflation rate. But the Coronavirus pandemic delayed the government’s decision, forcing it to apply it in the sectors most effected, Amman Net reported.اضافة اعلان

Earlier this year, questions were again raised about the possibility of linking the minimum wage to inflation figures, but Director of the ministry’s Labor Relations Adnan Al-Dahmsheh determined that the tripartite Committee decided to postpone the decision until 2023.

Last Wednesday, the Department of Statistics announced inflation rates for the first quarter of the year. It said the overall consumer price index “inflation” in the first third of the year rose by 2.62 percent to 104.58, compared with 101.91 recorded in the corresponding period in 2021.

As a result, the General Federation of Jordanian Trade Union has requested a meeting of the tripartite committee charged with the consideration of wages, with the intention of demanding that it be implemented soon, especially with the incoming higher prices and clear inflation costs for citizens.

Mazen Al-Mayytah, Head of Jordan Labor Watch said there were fears of lapse, non-application, and reluctance with the intention of employers under the pretext of “defense orders” and economic conditions in the Jordanian market, which reflect negatively on citizens and families.

He explained that leaving the matter to employers without a meeting or notification from the ministry will create many irregularities in its application, especially since the circumstances of the decision issued in 2020 differ from the current economic conditions, such as the coronavirus pandemic and the Russian-Ukrainian war.

On the introduction of a new minimum wage figure, he said that is unlikely at the present time. He noted that he would only emphasize the inflation figure and that a meeting should be requested to review the minimum wage and demand that it be raised at the beginning of next year.

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