Talabat Jordan expands operations to cover the entire Kingdom

The map of Jordan with indicators of where Talabat will now operate from. (Photo: Handout from Talabat)
AMMAN — Talabat Jordan, the region’s leading food delivery and q-commerce platform, has officially expanded its operations to include all governorates across the Kingdom. With this latest milestone, the company is actively building upon its strategic efforts to provide customers throughout Jordan with the ease and convenience of ordering meals, groceries, and other products via the Talabat app.اضافة اعلان

With its network now reaching all 12 of the country’s governorates, Talabat Jordan is working to further elevate its operations in these locations by onboarding new vendors, hiring new delivery riders, and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Commenting on the company’s latest achievement, the Managing Director of Talabat Jordan, Hala Siraj, said, “In a year filled with milestones, we at Talabat Jordan are especially proud of our latest accomplishment. By expanding our operations to cover communities across all 12 of Jordan’s governorates, we are making good on our commitments to serve and support local communities everywhere. In addition to allowing more customers to benefit from our services, our growing presence will help enrich our impact in a broader sense, by supporting restaurants, cafes, and other local vendors and by providing more job opportunities throughout the Kingdom.”

Along with its commitment to geographic expansion, Talabat Jordan is working to revolutionize and revitalize the local food and beverages sector, enabling restauranteurs and other non-food vertical operators to gain access to a wider range of customers in their communities.

At the same time, the company’s expansion is providing more people throughout the Kingdom with the opportunity to work as delivery riders while granting customers a greater variety of delivery options, vendors, and cuisines, all provided with the utmost ease and convenience.

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