SSC request for a defense order to increase pensions still under consideration

(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — An official government source confirmed that the Social Security Corporation (SSC)’s request to issue a defense order in order to increase retirees and early retirees pensions is still under study, Jo24 reported Saturday.اضافة اعلان

The source added that the SSC had asked the government to issue a defense order to increase social security retirees and to include early retirees whose salaries are less than JD250 after the recent spike in inflation rate and the rise in consumer prices.

The source said that the Legislation and Opinion Bureau is still studying the request from a legal point of view, and recommendations will be submitted to the Council of Ministers to take the appropriate decision at the time.

The official spokesman for the Social Security Corporation, Shaman Al-Majali, had stated that the corporation is awaiting approval of the defense order concerned with the increase mechanism.

Majali confirmed that the increase, if approved, will take place at the beginning of May, which is the date of the annual increase according to the SSC’s law.

Majali said that if the government did not approve the defense order or did not approve amendments to the SSC Law, the annual increment would not include early retirees, since the current law does not cover them except when each retiree completes the age of 60 years for males and 55 years for females, or in case of death.

Social Security Law No. 1 of 2014 links annual increases to the retirement salary and the disability pension to the annual inflation rate or the annual growth rate of the average wage, whichever is lower, and with a ceiling of JD20 as a maximum limit.

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