Legislation and Opinion Bureau announces draft financial aid regulations

1. Legislation and Opinion Bureau
(Photo: Legislation and Opinion Bureau)
AMMAN — A draft set of regulations, prepared last week by the Ministry of Social Development, seeks to promote the principle of self-reliance among members of society and change attitudes from counting on aid to contributing to self-development.اضافة اعلان

The Legislation and Opinion Bureau had issued on November 23 the draft regulations relating to “the provision of financial aid to individuals, households, charities, as well as entities and institutions working in social welfare”.

The ministry’s media spokesman, Ashraf Khreis, told Jordan News that the regulations are aimed at reducing poverty and unemployment, providing job opportunities for local communities, empowering households, and improving living standard, as well as enabling charities to reach their target groups.
Target groups include families, youth, charitable societies, entities, institutions, and social centers that engage in or supervise social welfare and charitable work.

Under the regulations, a sum of money would be offered to the target groups in the form of grants and/or loans to establish productive and/or development projects under an agreement that would be signed by the two sides. A project has been identified as “any economic activity that contributes to increasing income.”

Financial resources for the planned aid packages will consist of the ministry’s annual government allocations and any grants received by the ministry in addition to any other approved resources, provided they are not from non-Jordanian sources.

Fidaa Al-Hmoud, head of the Legislation and Opinion Bureau, told Jordan News that the bureau is obligated to wait for 15 days from the date the regulations were issued before legal processes begin. “The 15 days allow the bureau to receive any comments on the regulations,” she said. 

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