Qatar expected to import more Jordanian food items during World Cup

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(File photo: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
AMMAN — Qatar is expected to increase its imports of Jordanian foodstuff during the 2022 World Cup, to meet the higher demand in the Qatari market, given that more than 1.5 million fans and visitors are anticipated to enter the country, according to Al-Ghad News.اضافة اعلان

Rashid Al-Mazouri, a Qatari citizen who runs a local import-export company, said that Qatar’s dependence on the Jordanian market to meet its needs of vegetables, fruits, and various other types of commodities and food products will not be limited only to the World Cup period, which extends from November 20 to December 18, but will cover the before and after periods, when fans, international officials and team members, including administrators and technicians, will begin to arrive in Qatar, perhaps at the beginning of November, and not leave immediately after the end of the World Cup, which is why the Qatari authorities allowed them to reside in the country until January 23, 2023.

Qatar relies on the Jordanian market to secure a large percentage of its consumers’ needs of vegetables and fruits, in particular, and a little bit less of other goods and food products, whether processed or fresh.

Qatari traders and officials have stressed that the Qatari market has always relied heavily on Jordanian food products, especially vegetables and fruits, at certain times of the year that witness a great consumer demand, such as during Eid, Ramadan, and during exceptional circumstances, such as the 2022 World Cup that is going to take place, which is expected to raise the demand for food to unprecedented rates.

JPACO flies first shipment to Qatar
Meanwhile, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported that a cargo plane loaded with 36 tonnes of vegetables took off on Sunday for Qatar as part of the contract of the Jordanian-Palestinian Agriculture Products Marketing Co. (JPACO) to supply Arab countries with local agriculture produce.

Agriculture Minister Khaled Hneifat, speaking at Queen Alia International Airport before the plane took off, said that the ministry established JPACO as part of the National Plan for Sustainable Agriculture (2022–2025) to help connect the sector with foreign and other Arab countries.

He said that the company operates under agriculture contractual strategies with farmers and international markets, which go hand in hand with the agrometeorology development package and addresses shortage in export crops.

JPACO Director-General Ala Eddin Abu Alkhair said the shipment marks the launch of the company’s trademark, thanks to cooperation with Qatari Hassad Food Company, and said there are other contracts to export to several European countries, including The Netherlands, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Turkey, Malaysia.

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