Laila Al-Sayyed becomes Kia Jordan brand ambassador

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Local TV-Radio presenter and social activist Laila Al-Sayyed (left) has taken on the role of brand ambassador for Kia Jordan. (Photo: Handout from National Arab Motors)
AMMAN — Kia Jordan has announced its partnership with local TV-Radio presenter and social activist, Laila Al-Sayyed, who will become the company’s new brand ambassador for one full year, a statement from National Arab Motors said on Sunday. اضافة اعلان

“The partnership comes in line with Kia Jordan’s recent shift in positioning to revitalize its brand image and build a communication strategy that revolves around crating connection and engagement with its audience,” the statement read.

Known for her work as a TV and radio presenter, as well as a social activist, Sayyed “stands as a unique, engaging and refreshingly energetic ambassador and the ideal embodiment of brand’s new positioning,” according to the statement.

Regarding the partnership, Chief Executive Officer of National Arab Motors - Kia Jordan Mohamed Alayyan said “we are looking forward to the beginning of what is sure to be a very fruitful and collaborative partnership with Laila Al-Sayyed as our brand ambassador. With this move, we are making a definitive point to break away from the old standard of corporate communication and embrace a fresher, less formal and spontaneous style that more easily connects with our audience.” 

For her part, Sayyed said “I couldn’t be more thrilled to be partnering with Kia Jordan as brand ambassador. The themes that represent the Kia experience — adventure, luxury, practicality, and of course, technology — not only make it one of the most dynamic brands in the world, they also resonate with me on a personal level. That said, I am very excited to start collaborating with Kia Jordan and bringing in new, creative energy as a voice for the brand.”

Kia had revealed their new global vision and strategy earlier this year, which aims at creating sustainable transportation solutions for its customers, under the slogan “Movement that inspires,” the statement said.

Additionally, the leading automotive manufacturer has changed its name from Kia motors to Kia, in line with the expansion of new and emerging business areas, which, according to the statement, “will introduce more innovative products and services to the world of transportation, and improve the daily lives of customers while giving them an inspiring experience based on their lifestyle and needs.”

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