Jordanian-founded AI startup Replit joins forces with Google

Google Replit
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AMMAN — Google has partnered with Replit, a San Francisco-based startup co-founded by two Jordanians, to integrate its AI language models with Replit's software for code writing. اضافة اعلان

This partnership aims to compete with Microsoft's GitHub and OpenAI's products, according to local media outlets.

Replit's Ghostwriter app will leverage Google's language-generation AI to suggest blocks of code, complete programs, and answer developer queries. As part of the partnership, Replit will increase its use of Google's cloud services, hoping to win over more significant-scale corporate customers. Google will also distribute Replit's software, expanding the startup's reach.

Jordanian skillsThe partnership between Google and Replit is significant because it highlights the competencies and skills of Jordanian professionals capable of integrating into the global market.

Replit is a Jordanian-owned startup co-founded by Amjad Masad and Haya Odeh, who graduated from Jordanian schools and universities. The startup has more than 20 million users and has raised over $100 million.

ExtraordinaryFormer Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Marwan Juma, said that the partnership between Google and Replit is extraordinary. Google, one of the largest digital companies globally, has decided to rely on a Jordanian-owned company, demonstrating the presence of sound minds and competencies in Jordan, he said.

Juma advises Jordanian youths and owners of leading companies to establish foundations in Jordan and expand into larger markets such as the US to realize their potential.

He emphasized the need to leave a branch and assets in the country to prove to large companies that Jordan contains competent and skilled professionals capable of competing with global companies.

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