Digital power transformation by 2030

(Photo: Jordan News)
By 2030, Huawei predicts that solar energy will become one of our main power sources. The proportion of renewables in global electricity generation will be 50 percent. The proportion of final energy consumption from renewable sources is expected to exceed 30 percent. اضافة اعلان

Electric vehicles as a proportion of new vehicles sold will exceed 50 percent, the company said, and renewable energy will power 80 percent of digital infrastructure.

In Huawei’s report dubbed “The Intelligent World 2030”, the company systematically describes the world that will emerge over the next decade and forecasts industry trends, provides insights into ICT and application trends, and helps industries identify new opportunities and discover new value.

Over the past three years, Huawei has conducted in-depth exchanges with more than 1,000 academics, customers, and partners in the industry, organized more than 2,000 workshops, and drawn on data and methods from authoritative organizations, such as the UN, World Economic Forum, and the WHO.

It derived insights from scientific journals and drew wisdom from relevant industry associations and consulting firms, as well as from experts within and outside Huawei, which helped develop the report.

The report explains how ICT technologies can solve critical problems and challenges, and what new opportunities can be brought to organizations and individuals. At the industry level, the report explores future technologies and development directions in communications networks, computing, digital power, and intelligent automotive solutions.

It focuses on humanity’s entry into the digital power era, striving towards low-carbon development, electrification, and intelligent transformation. New renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic and wind power will gradually replace fossil fuels.

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